Here at Right Start nothing is more important to us than the safety of your child.  October is National SIDS Awareness Month and we wanted to share some very important sleep safety information and sleep tips with you.  Sadly, SIDS claims the lives of almost 2,500 infants in the US each year – that’s nearly 7 babies every day.

What is SIDS?  Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby. Sudden infant death syndrome is sometimes called crib death. The exact cause is unknown, but sudden infant death syndrome may be associated with abnormalities in the portion of an infant’s brain that controls breathing and arousal from sleep. Although all babies are vulnerable, certain sleep environments have been linked to increased risk. 

Physical factors
Physical factors associated with SIDS include:

  • Brain abnormalities. Some infants are born with problems that make them more likely to die of SIDS. In many of these babies, the portion of the brain that controls breathing and arousal from sleep doesn’t work properly.
  • Low birth weight. Premature birth or being part of a multiple birth increases the likelihood that a baby’s brain hasn’t matured completely, so he or she has less reliable control over such automatic processes as breathing and heart rate.
  • Respiratory infection. Many infants who have died of SIDS have recently experienced a cold, which may contribute to breathing problems.

Sleep environmental factors
The items in a baby’s crib and his or her sleeping position can combine with a baby’s physical problems to increase the risk of SIDS. Examples include:

  • Sleeping on the stomach or side. Babies who are placed on their stomachs or sides to sleep may have more difficulty breathing than those placed on their backs.
  • Sleeping on a soft surface. Lying face down on a fluffy comforter or a waterbed can block an infant’s airway. Draping a blanket over a baby’s head is also risky.
  • Sleeping with parents. While the risk of SIDS is lowered if an infant sleeps in the same room as his or her parents, the risk increases if the baby sleeps in the same bed — partly because there are more soft surfaces to impair breathing.

Written by the Mayo Clinic Staff

Follow these safety tips from HALO SleepSacks

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290 Responses to National SIDS Awareness Month {WINNERS}

  1. Linda L says:

    offering a pacifier when putting back to sleep after a month

  2. Tara Caudillo says:

    No sleeping with mommy

  3. Great list of tips…especially for us soon-to-be-moms who have so many questions! 🙂

  4. byrdy1999 says:

    I didn’t know that babies on their sides may have more difficulty breathing than those placed on their backs.

  5. Leeza Fitzgerald says:

    I didn’t know that a lot of SIDS cases included children that recently experienced colds

  6. Great information. Thanks so much.. the info on colds was also new to me.

  7. nschnall says:

    Don’t share the bed. Thanks for the info.

  8. Well I didn’t know about side sleeping… and I didn’t know about the colds, but I also learned when to introduce a pacifier

  9. Offering a pacifier after one month and no bed sharing

  10. Monica Asdourian says:

    The physical factors associated with SIDS

  11. kim crane says:

    It’s ok to sleep in the same room as parents but not in the same bed.

  12. Marie S. says:

    It is all great information! My son does not like the pacifier at all. He sleeps just fine on his back and his bed has been clear of anything dangerous since the day he was born. SIDS is something everyone needs to be aware of.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Actually, it’s sad that articles like this are erroneously teaching that co-sleeping is a flat no-no. It’s actually better for baby to co-sleep – when done correctly. Too many idiots have done it incorrecty and ruined it for everyone. 1st, Breastfeeding is mandatory for safe co-sleeping, so formula babies are obviously no-no’s for co-sleeping. There is a very real difference in how the breastfeeding mother instinctively responds to the child during co-sleeping versus the formula feeder. 2nd, Obviously the bedding choice is another factor to take seriously and adjust accordingly. Be careful about health advice given by commercial companies, and Do more research for yourselves: , .

    • I coslept and breastfed my baby till he was 5 months, and he is almost 6 months now. Still sleeps in my room in his crib so i can hear him if he wakes up. Also my son refuses to sleep on his back. I put him on it, but he just ends up rolling onto his tummy or side. He doesn’t seem to have any problems yet. I had one of those cosleepers that have the barrier and he always ended up rolling out of it and onto me. Luckily I am a non-moving sleeper and didn’t roll on him, which was my worst fear.

  14. jade says:

    just have the mattress in the crib and leave out the bumpers 🙂

  15. Kristin says:

    Honestly, I already knew all the information you provided since I had a son who passed away 3 years ago. I think it is so important to spread all of this information so others become aware.

  16. Katie says:

    It’s odd that this information still needs to be relayed to people. I can remember, as a small child, watching TV and hearing this. Our society needs better listening ears.

  17. Beverly Kishida says:

    I learned or was reminded when I can switch/flip over the mattress (9months) and what temperature to keep baby’s room (68-72 degrees).

  18. Nancy says:

    I kept the crib bumper free

  19. Beth says:

    Get a gro egg for the babies room and monitor the temperature at all times!

  20. Reg says:

    What about fresh air in the baby’s room (as long as the temp is right) ??

  21. Tara Langford says:

    I learned that it’s best to have temperature between 68 and 72 and that even laying your baby on their side to sleep makes it difficult to breath!

  22. Kristen says:

    If you read the science, see research by Helen Ball or James McKenna, sleeping wih your infant per se isn’t risky. Once you take into account drug and alcohol use by the cosleeping parent, the association goes away. So don’t sleep with your baby if you’re drunk or stoned (kinda obvious). Of course you still need to be smart about it — no down comforters for example.

  23. Mychiana B says:

    We were thinking about co sleeping till we learned this “Sleeping with parents. While the risk of SIDS is lowered if an infant sleeps in the same room as his or her parents, the risk increases if the baby sleeps in the same bed — partly because there are more soft surfaces to impair breathing.”

  24. Trisha says:

    Co sleeping isn’t such a good idea 🙁

  25. I learned some of the risk factors including low birth weight, respiratory infections, and brain size/function… sides terrifies me

  26. domestic diva says:

    Babies should always sleep on their backs.

  27. Taylor Parker says:

    I didn’t know babies with a low birth weight,and baby’s with a respiratory infection have a increased chance of SIDS.I also never would have thought about not letting my baby use a pacifier right after she’s born.I’d love to know,this will be my first child.Although this information is scary to think about,it’ll keep my baby safe.

  28. Tricia says:

    Baby should always sleep on her back in a sleepsack wearable blanket

  29. Betsy says:

    Don’t sleep with baby

  30. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I learned that babies should always sleep on their backs! If they are put on their stomachs they could suffocate because they are too small to roll over.

    I’m expecting, this would be wonderful to win. Thank you for the opportunity!

  31. Jessica says:

    I learned that you should offer baby a pacifier at sleep

  32. Holly Marie says:

    Back is best- easy to remember!

  33. curtis says:

    in the back only!

  34. Dana says:

    the risk of SIDS increases when co-sleeping with a parent.

  35. Natalie Finch says:

    I didn’t know a pacifier would possibly help prevent sids!

  36. Donna Marie says:

    I learned never to dress baby too warmly for bed.

  37. Lizette Flores says:

    I breastfeed and baby uses me as a pacifier lol.. Thank you for great SIDS safety sleep tips.

  38. Jennifer Nishizaki says:

    Great info. So tough to keep the room cool during Southern California heatwaves though!

  39. Sarah Davis says:

    I love the halo sleep sacks !!!

  40. Crystal says:

    Keep room cool

  41. Lindsey D. says:

    put baby to sleep on back and not side

  42. L Gulotta says:

    Thanks for the tips about babies and colds. I didn’t know there was a correlation between recent colds and SIDS cases.

  43. Rebecca says:

    No soft surfaces

  44. Lacey Hochman says:

    Love the Halo Sleep Sack…would be lost without it!

  45. andreanna says:

    It is a common belief that sleeping with parents, or co-sleeping is best to prevent SIDS, when actually it is incredibly risky for a number of reasons. Just put the crib close to your bed and baby will sleep better and safer.

  46. Jackie Gilberto says:

    Great information. I have read a lot about SIDS but like to see that there is a continual effort to promote awareness about it.

  47. Deedee says:

    A pacifier should be offered after 1 month if breastfeeding

  48. Koren says:

    put the baby to sleep on his/her back always!

  49. Sarah T says:

    Not to have the baby in a room or by a person who has recently been smoking!

  50. arely colin says:

    use a pacifier

  51. Elizabeth McDonald Peacock says:

    Good Tips for Mommies to be

  52. Arlene S. says:

    I’ve been using HALO since my daughter was born. They are the best! The swaddling is great, and it helps keep baby warm without over heating. It’s wonderful out here in FL. I’ve learned to not put anything in the crib. No toys, bumpers, extra blankets, and such. Also, as HALO states, back is best.

  53. magdalena says:

    Firm mattress with no toys or pillows

  54. Alexis says:

    I have learned the importance of making sure the baby isn’t too warm! The sleep sack will offer a better layering alternative to a bulky blanket.

  55. Madison Perekotiy says:

    This article has confirmed what my friends have all said about the Halo sleep sacks and what I’ve read about mattress selection. It’s really important to be sure that the baby has a comfortable AND safe sleep environment!

  56. Julia says:

    Back Is Best!

  57. Felicia R says:

    I didn’t know brain abnormalities could contribute to SIDS.. that’s really scary especially if parents are not aware of problems.

  58. Erin Benderly says:

    hope to win!

  59. Brittney Reader says:

    I didnt know that you are supposed to offer the child a pacifier.

  60. Thank you for putting this article up, very informative

  61. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    Do not slep in the same bed.

  62. Stacey R says:

    I did not know that some infants are born with problems that make them more likely to die of SIDS. Very interesting.

  63. Christina Brundick says:

    did not know the tip about side sleeping making it harder to breathe

  64. Vivian says:

    Keeping the room 68-72 degrees and not to dress them too warmly

  65. Angela B says:

    We love halo sleep sacks. They’re the best alternative to a blanket in the crib

  66. breastfeed if possible!

  67. Ashley says:

    this would be great! expecting in may!

  68. Jamie says:

    I’m so glad my son is past that stage! SIDS is super scary… It took me forever to fall asleep, I would just watch him all night.

  69. Jenn says:

    Never co sleep and when my daughter was born I learned about the pacifiers are good to help prevent SIDS

  70. jenny says:

    Great information above!

  71. megan says:

    no sleeping with mom&dad!

  72. Summer I says:

    Babies should not be sleeping with their parents in same bed.

  73. Jennifer Arnold says:

    Would love a new mattress for my newborn

  74. Teresa says:

    SIDS is nothing to play with and should be taken very seriously!

  75. Bernadette N says:

    I learned using a pacifier at night can help prevent SIDS.

  76. Carol says:

    Would be nice to try this out..

  77. Rae-Anne says:

    these tips are so helpful to the first time moms. so excited!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Kim Lewis says:

    Great info. Awareness is so important!

  79. Nikki Sortland says:

    I have a 17 month old and didn’t know it was harder for them to breathe when placed on their side than on their back.. That scares me a baby died in our community from sids about 2 months ago and Im so nervous about it happening to our new little one on the way.. We co-slept with our first but after reading this I dont want to.. Hope we get the sleep sack and mattress!

  80. Robin says:

    We used halo with our son, and would love some for our daughter due in March!

  81. Kim says:

    Good info

  82. did not know about the side sleeping, nor the temp. thing

  83. Laura Biltz says:

    HALO is all I need!

  84. Michele Cleveland says:

    Some good info to pass on to my brother and sister in law expecting their first 🙂

  85. renee fox says:

    I would love this give away! Our baby sleeps with us, but we are going to try to have her sleep in her crib- this would help!

  86. Christie Nebeker says:

    I would love a mattress for my soon to be baby boy that will be here in March! 🙂

  87. Caciona Bernstrom says:

    Love the Halo Sleepsacks!

  88. Ange Bendixsen says:

    Thanks for these helpful tips! I knew babies weren’t supposed to sleep in the parent’s bed but I didn’t know that one of the reasons was because it had too many soft surfaces. I also didn’t know to wait a month before starting a pacifier when breastfeeding. Thank you so much!

  89. Angela says:

    I have a son that is 13 and things are so different now. My little sister is 14 weeks and it will be great to share all this advice with her. Thank you

  90. Emily says:

    Love these tips! As a first time mom-to-be I love any information I can get and any opportunity to win some great things for my newborn. 🙂

  91. sarah says:

    I can’t imagine losing my baby….I find it sad that 7 each day die from sids…makes me wanna hd
    Hold this little one tight and savor every second!

  92. Suri says:

    I learned to give a pacifier after 1 month

  93. Tiffany Chance says:

    Scary information but very enlightening. Gives parents a lot to think about.

  94. Kate says:

    keep all stuffed animals out of the crib as well as blankets and pillows

  95. Brittany says:

    Never allow anyone smoke around your baby or take them around an area where someone just smoked!! I have a BIG pet peeve about this!!!!!!

  96. Brittany Comer says:

    NEver sleep with mom. Introduce pacifier at 1 month, don’t sleep on side or stomach. Don’t overdress for bed and keep room temp 68-72 degrees. No soft bedding! Nothing but baby in the bed.

  97. Kitty says:

    My Son Can Use This Mattress For His New Crib..

  98. Sam J says:

    Great info for a new mom.

  99. jennah bundy says:

    my docter always told me back to sleep tummy to play loved that saying but the infor about the cold is new to me but hope to win

  100. Shelly says:

    I didn’t realize that the room temperature could possibly increase the risk. Definitely will keep that in mind when my little one arrives!

  101. gina says:

    breastfeed ( breast is best) halo sleepsacks are safer than a blanket a you swaddle the arms separate from the body so the child doesn’t feel agitated when they awaken

  102. heather says:

    No pacifier for atleast one month and no sharing the bed..I didn’t know that could cause Sids.I just thought it was a bad habit lol

  103. Ashley says:

    I learned using a pacifier at night can help reduce SIDS.

  104. Jessica says:

    Glad to see that you are talking about this because its an important issue! Putting your baby in blankets they can wear is a great way to cut down on possible SIDS risks!

  105. Great information. Thanks!

  106. ednita says:

    Really good information about SIDS.

  107. Megan Marchesini says:

    Sleep sacks are an excellent, safe way to keep baby warm!

  108. Keeping the rooom at a temp between 68-72. I am always worried that my little one is either too warm or cool. Also did not know that it is an increase risk for SIDS having a baby sleep on their side! I have friends who suggested this, but we never had our son sleep on his side or belly. Lots of great info!

  109. Maureen M says:

    Great tips……I learned that using a pacifier can help! 🙂

  110. Taylor craven says:

    No bumpers in the crib

  111. not to dress baby too warmly for bed–room should be between 68 and 72

  112. MsSukree says:

    Thanks for all the tips!!! Just found out we re pregnant, so it’s the beginning of a great learning experience!!!

  113. Catherine Schwartz says:

    Skip the cute teddy bears:)

  114. Kitty says:

    My Son Always Been A Back And Side Sleeper It Id The Safest Way

  115. Mia says:

    that soft surfaces can be a trigger

  116. bridget schram says:

    I would love to win this mattress for my baby the one we are using is around 8 years old and not in the best condition

  117. rebecca alshawi says:

    I learned some of the risk factors including low birth weight, respiratory infections, and brain size/function… sides terrifies me
    also sleeping with parent is a big no no

  118. Jennifer Mondragon says:

    I want one!

  119. Daisy V. says:

    I have always been told to put baby “Back to Sleep” to help fight SIDS.

  120. Mindy says:

    I had no idea about the no pacifier for the first month….but i did know about the no bed sharing! Back is Best!

  121. Elena Torres says:

    Thank u 🙂

  122. Erin says:

    I am currently pregnant with my 2nd and have learned a lot of this but getting a little help and reminders from experts NEVER hurts! This is a great giveaway to remind Moms (and Dads) what precautions to take to keep their little one safe and healthy 🙂

  123. jessica voils says:

    that you shouldnt co-sleep and baby should always sleep on their backs

  124. Gabriela says:

    Would be blessed to own these items. Awesome tips!!

  125. Lori Hollon says:

    Thanks very informative and a great month for sids awareness as breast cancer and eb are also important and are shared this month .

  126. deonne brinson says:

    with a first time baby on the way this article was very helpful… Kuddos for getting the word out.

  127. Lora says:

    My little man is at risk due to his birth weight

  128. sherri gray says:

    We Would Love This For Our Little Guy!

  129. Rachel Rowe says:

    I use a fan but I forgot the SIDS reason. Everyone I know does and I believe it helps my LO sleep sounder and I feel like I can be noisier around the house without being disruptive.

  130. Rachel Gross says:

    I didn’t know that babies that sleep on their side have a difficult time breathing.

  131. Michelle says:

    I didn’t know that premature babies are at a higher risk for SIDS.

  132. Melanie says:

    Thank you so much for the information. I’m a soon to be first time Mama and want to do everything in my power to keep my baby safe.

  133. john vaughn says:

    never lie baby in crib facedown, no thick blankets or padding

  134. achlee johnson says:

    Great information! Definitely good tips to know! I would LOVE to win this as we do not have a mattress yet and are expecting very soon. What a wonderful giveaway!!

  135. Raquel S. says:

    I didn’t know the reasons for why we shouldn’t put babies to sleep on their stomachs or sides. Thanks.

  136. I would love to win this!

  137. Ericka Miller says:

    We have used the Halo products since our daughter was born. She still wears a sleep sack at 2 because she kicks all of her blankets off. We would love to win the giveaway!

  138. Kimberly Hunter says:

    Great list of tips and a reminder of the importance of good sleep habits.

  139. Krystel Martin says:

    Keep your baby warm, but don’t get him to hot! Keep a cooler room temp. at night while baby is sleeping!

  140. Tiffany Paredes says:

    Thanks for the information. Very helpful for first time moms and dads

  141. corine says:

    Thanks for the tips im having twin boys, and am so worried about this happening!!!

  142. sarah says:

    No bumpers in cribs

  143. amanda says:

    never lay baby on stomach or side

  144. Adele Davis says:

    Yes love all this great info!! Thank you~ 🙂

  145. Heather Nikiforakis says:

    Great information! I didn’t know that colds were a risk factor

  146. Chrissy O. says:

    Great tips! I’m due in a couple of weeks and would love to win these items!

  147. says:

    This would be perfect for us as we are new parents and we are learning so much. “Back to Sleep” will remind us everytime we lay our little one down how we have to do it!

  148. Zury Aguirre says:

    I wasn’t aware that babies who have died from SIDS have had a cold. Intresting…

  149. This would be perfect for our precious baby girl! Swaddle sleeping is the best!

  150. Rose chao says:

    I had no idea that babies who recently suffered drpms respetory infections were more likely to die of sids!! 😮
    My daughter just had a cold and had a resp.infection,,, Good to know…

    I also didnt know about pacifers helping prevent,,i wish my daughter wouldake ot bit she doesnt like ot..

    All jn all i do everything i can, she sleeps in her bassinet, no blankets or otherwise. Just warm clothes,

    There shojld really be more info for new and yohng mothers,,

    You can never be to safe when it comes to the lobe of my life

  151. Mykasha says:

    I had no idea that a pacifier at bed time could help reduce the risk of SIDS. Nor did I know that a cold could affect the chances of “Crib Death”. My 11 month old daughter sometimes sleeps on her side- I will be watching for that & will lay her flat as soon as I see it again. Thank you for possibly saving my daughters life!

  152. Meredith Troche says:

    Didn’t know about having a cool room, and using a pacifie, and the sleeping on their side! My baby loves to sleep on her side!

  153. Keri says:

    I am expecting my first child & I’m due November 27th. I have never used the products offered but I would love to try them out! I’m super excited about being a mother & I want to protect my child in any way that I can!!

    • Mykasha says:

      Keri, I love your due date! I had been trying for 2 years for a baby, finally got pg:) My due date was Nov. 27th 2011, my little girl was born on Nov. 17th 2011<3 but 11.27.11 is still special to me. Congrats!!!

  154. marie nixon says:

    I learned seven babies a day die from SIDS… =O that is a lot and very sad!!!

  155. Amanda says:

    I was not aware that babies who recently have had a cold were more likely to suffer from SIDS. So sad.

  156. Ann says:

    Excellent information….would love to have these items for my 9 month old.

  157. Debbie says:

    i think the sleep sacks are amazing at night. sids information is very important. great info!!

  158. I love sleep sacks! My newborn loves being swaddled.

  159. Angela P says:

    I learned that you should offer baby a pacifier when he or she sleeps

  160. Jamie says:

    Great info! Such a scary topic but need to know.

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  164. DeAnna says:

    Love the sleep sacks. Hard to keep infants covered at night in this cold weather otherwise.

  165. Pem Puntil says:

    I hope the giveaways could also be for other countries

  166. jenifer lestaht says:

    SIDS scares me so much…. I’m a hard sleeper but this info eases the mind.

  167. Renae Hoffman says:

    Great Info would love to have a better mattress for my daughter.

  168. Vallery Kotila says:

    very useful information…i have a six month old

  169. Kimberly Dahl says:

    Good information to get out there!

  170. Margaret says:

    We use sleeping sacks since my son was born :-).

  171. Kiri says:

    I truthfully didnt know there were physical contributors to SIDS. (Brain abnormalities, Low birth weight, Respiratory infection), but when you do think about it it does all make sense. I just thought it was mainly about putting baby on their backs and that was it.

  172. A lot of great info to apply when our baby arrives! Back to sleep, no loose blankets or bedding, firm mattress, sleeping separately from mommy and daddy.

  173. Mom for God says:

    Wish Sids never happens to anyone.

  174. Jennifer N. says:

    The halo sacks and mattress look great!

  175. Kristi Roy says:

    Great info. Due 12/5

  176. Kelli Highley says:

    Love to have a mattress like this for little miss Lyric Myriah-Jane who will be here in December!!!

  177. Chelsea T says:

    Always have a fan on in babies room when they are sleeping. Some think the circulating air reminds babies sometimes immature respiratory drive mechanisms to kick in and keeps them breathing. Also, keep the crib clear of ANYTHING other than baby. If the room is cold, put them in warm, snug fitting clothing.

  178. Amber Cannell says:

    Thanks for the great info, I’ll be passing this along to my friends. I used Halo sleep sacks with my son and I adored them!

  179. Angela says:

    No bed sharing for me! This mattress would be amazing.

  180. Airreall Kinder says:

    I learned to be more aware of my child when he is sleeping.

  181. Coral Karrass says:

    back to sleep

  182. Michelle Price says:

    It is awoseme

  183. Jennifer says:

    So many things to worry about, thank you for the information!

  184. Tonya Freier says:

    WOuld love to win any of theese items, in reading the article I didn’t realize that pacifiers helped with SIDS. My daughter as soon as she could roll became a belly sleeper, butt in the air! She also refused the pacifier and still at 2 1/2 sucks her fingers, so with the one on the way I am definitely going to push the paci, because you can throw those away!!

  185. Sally says:

    I could so use these!

  186. andriannie says:

    Great tips…especially for a first-time-mommy-to-be who has so many questions! 🙂 Thank you!

  187. Mia Everette says:

    Learned the importance of a good firm mattress, and the benefits of a pacifier.

  188. Patricia says:

    I never realized side sleeping was un safe.

  189. devotdieter says:

    love those sleep sacks

  190. Samantha R says:

    Thank you for the good tips. I’m a first time mom and need all the help I can get.

  191. Amy Oliver says:

    Would love the mattress for #2. We’re still trying to get her to sleep well and after trying a variety of things, this mattress sounds great. My oldest LOVED being swaddled and HALO was out go to.

  192. Kayleigh says:

    Glad there is so much information out there for saer baby care!

  193. amber says:

    I have never shared a bed with my babies because of the risk of SIDS. Would love the mattress for our 4th baby e perched in Feb!

  194. Great info thanks and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me to win!!!

  195. Emily Nishi says:

    I love the sleep sack idea. my son kicks his swaddle blankets off!

  196. kim says:

    Didn’t want her sleeping with us and this just strengthened that thought.

  197. Diane Bloksberg says:

    Keep baby cool in bed, do not overdress or over cover.

  198. Leisha says:

    Thanks for the information. Now that Im pregnant I will take follow your advices. Thanks for caring about babies.

  199. I feel so blessed to have a little boy growing inside me…it took 5 years but its finally our turn to be a mom and dad 🙂

  200. amy oliver says:

    Would love the mattress for #2. We’re still trying to get her to sleep well and after trying a variety of things, this mattress sounds great. My oldest LOVED being swaddled and HALO was out go to. We dont co-sleep, but I didnt realize that it increased the risk of SIDS.

  201. Ashlee Kolar says:

    This would be great!

  202. I am going to be a first time mommy in March. I learned a lot here and love this mattress.

  203. No sleeping in the same bed with baby , and place baby on their back not their side.

  204. Rachel Pfaff says:

    I just had my 5th baby a girl thurs October 25, 2012.. SIDS was not a big thing until I had my last child. Very informational. I would love to be a winner in this contest. Plan on having baby #6 end of next year.

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    Lots of wonderful, useful information. This would be awesome or my little miracle princess. Best of luck everyone!

  206. Nathaly says:

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  208. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t know that babies with brain abnormalities were more pron to SIDS. Halo sleep sacks are so soft and snugly. 🙂

  209. Lona says:

    Thank you for the information, I would love to win those items just had my 3rd child 5 weeks ago and even know its my 3rd I continue to learn something new. Thanks to this information I will no longer be putting my new baby to sleep on her side. With my 2 other children I put them on there sides and never knew that it made it harder for them to breath. So again thank you for the info who knows it might have saved my daughters life.

  210. Deanna Brown says:

    As much as I want to cuddle with my lil man at night he will not sleep in bed with us.

  211. Kellie K says:

    offer a pacifier when going to sleep

  212. brooke says:

    The baby bed would be great! My daughter hates sleepin in her crib now 🙁 and yes sids is very scarey I was worried about my daughter so much its so sad how those things happen

  213. Heidi Jones says:

    You can help prevent SIDS by laying baby on back for sleep in their crib.

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  220. Michele Schwartz says:

    I was not aware of the specific temperature needed in a room — fortunately we keep ours at 68 during the night and 71 during the day. whew!

  221. Sarah Hiatt says:

    I am currently pregnant and think this is the greatest invention ever! This mattress looks like it would help put any baby to sleep.

  222. Latoka says:

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  223. Katie says:

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  224. Samantha Johnson says:

    The information is very important, a lot of new moms are not aware of some the risks. Even grandparents are not aware of the risks, as they did things differently years ago. It’s very good to let grandparents know this information as well, if they are watching your children.

  225. Novina O. says:

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  236. Agostina says:

    I didn’t know about not putting baby to sleep on his side, thanks! I won’t do that ever again.

  237. Katie C says:

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  238. Briceida says:

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    thanks for this!!!!

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  243. Rebecca M. says:

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  244. sharahprokos says:

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  245. Jamie Falls says:

    Back is best!

  246. Jessica M. says:

    Don’t let people smoke around your child and don’t smoke around your child. Also, remove all softoys ando blankets from their crib before sleeping

  247. Laura Willyard says:

    My sister is having a child with a bilateral cleft lip and perhaps a cleft palate. Soon to be here in 1-3 weeks. Im sharing this article with her, its very informative. Breast feeding helps with SIDS, hopefully she can do so when he gets here.

  248. Nikkita Hill says:

    I learned that you should put your child on their back when sleeping.

  249. Kelly says:

    Infants should sleep on their back on a firm mattress. The crib should always be empty. (no blankets, stuffed animals, bumpers etc.) Using a pacifier can help reduce the risk. Don’t make your baby too warm. Baby should sleep in the same room as parents but not the same bed.

  250. ELW says:

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  251. Mariya says:

    I didn’t know that “being part of a multiple birth increases the likelihood that a baby’s brain hasn’t matured completely.”

  252. Kim F says:

    I love the halo sleep sacks! I’ve never had one myself, however, I see how much my friends and their children love it. Im pregnant with my second child now. SIDS scared me with my first, and I can honestly say I was not totally informed about it with my first child. It’s great to know there are mattresses thay can prevent something like that to happen. Thanks BabyCenter! ^_^

  253. Nicole O'Donnell says:

    I learned that if your breastfeeding to introduce a pacifier a month afterwards and not to let the baby sleep on a soft surface.

  254. Destiny says:

    love HALO sleep sack… they are great!! just kinda sad they are sooo expensive (at least for my budget) I received one as a hand me down. It was much easier than swaddling with a blanket.

  255. trista says:

    Back to sleep! and Not too warm!

  256. Holly says:

    GREAT tips! Thanx for the refresher course, I just barely had my second one! And she’s wide awake now snugglin with me! She LOVEZ to be swaddled…

  257. Melissa says:

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  258. Jen says:

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  260. KimberlyAlsp says:

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  262. Tonya E. Hopkins says:

    Place baby on his back to sleep

  263. Brittany Barr says:

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  264. Jeanet says:

    I didn’t know about side sleeping… and I didn’t know about the colds. This info will be great to use when #2 comes!

  265. Melanie Hurley says:

    Put your baby on his back to sleep and his own bed to sleep, not with you.

  266. Jessica H says:

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  267. HEATHER c says:

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  268. Karen says:

    I learned that babies should always be put to bed on their backs!

  269. Funmi says:

    No co-sleeping, or use of soft surfaces like pillows or side/stomach sleeping for my next baby. Fortunately my #1 survived but no more risks for #2.

  270. Cynthia says:

    SIDS is a scary thing for most soon to be mommies, I when I was a nanny I use to check the baby quite often now that it’s my child I will probably never sleep checking on her.

  271. Nichole says:


  272. Lindsey-Ann says:

    My children have all had dummies and I have been very lucky that they have been great sleepers. However I have become a very light sleeper as SIDS scares me, and I have recently had a friend loose her 8 month old child to SIDS. PLEASE everyone take the advice to heart and let’s protect our little ones xxx

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  274. Crystal Boardwine says:


  275. Lillian says:

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  282. yvonne says:

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  283. Megan smith says:

    My daughter has the halo sleep sacs. They definitely are the best.

  284. Katie G. says:

    Thank you for the great information. These items would make a great gift for my expectant friend!

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