According to Hallmark, today, Monday, February 11, 2013, is “National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day.” I must admit I’m not on board with this holiday. Not in the literal sense at least.

It always seems that our biggest, baddest milk spills happen a few minutes after all the napkins, silverware, plates of food, and drinks have been arranges on the table. After hands have been washed and we finally have the whole family sitting down. Just after I, as chief waitress and runner, have made my eighth trip back and forth from the table to the refrigerator for forgotten salad dressing or to the drawer for a forgotten fork. My husband have helped cut things into appropriate sizes and then just as I am about to take that first, although by now lukewarm, bite of food inevitably a child’s elbow makes contact with a fresh glass of milk sending milk splashing across the table, onto the floor, and sometimes onto a newly prepared plate of said child’s food.

National Don't Cry Ove Spilled Milk Day

Of course this results in my husband and I showing off our cat like reflexes and 40 meter dash speeds moving things out of harm’s way and retrieving towels and wash cloths. More importantly it results in an even further delay of my meal. Moms need to eat too, you know!

So Hallmark, I must ask, why not cry over spilled milk? Rationally, I know spills are usually an accident, but I certainly feel like crying every time milk- or anything else for that matter- is spilled in my house. It also makes me feel like switching everyone in the house back to sippy cups. I would like to submit a new national holiday to replace “National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day.” I suggest today should be “National Put Lids on All Your Cups So You Don’t Have to Cry Over Spilled Milk Day” instead.

Are spills a common occurance in your house? How Do you handle Dinnertime spills?

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  1. Too funny! It does always seem like the major spills happen right as I’m about to take a bite of my still-warm food!

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