Mama Catwoman and her Little Man Robin

You read that right. My two-year old sons first taste of candy was THIS Halloween. Don’t think I am some amazing parent, my child has had plenty of ice cream, cookies, cupcakes (his favorite) and sugary snacks. I still am not sure how I managed to steer clear of the big candy monster for almost two and a half years but I made it to Halloween and BOY was it worth it.

We had been planning our costumes since before I got pregnant. My husband always said that if I was ever pregnant on Halloween he would dress up as Batman, Little Man would be Robin and I would be knocked up Catwoman. Wear comfy stretchy leggings and shirt and not have to worry about having a flat stomach? I can do that! So when it came time to get Little Man in costume I was a more than surprised when he refused. I mean what kid doesn’t like to dress up in costume, right?! Apparantly mine! So I began to explain what Halloween was all about,

“Son, Halloween is when you get candy. You dress up in costume, go and knock on neighbor’s doors and when they answer you say ‘trick or treat!’ They may ask you what your costume is and you respond and then they give you candy.”

After doing some pretend run throughs with pretend candy I felt it may be time for the real thing. So I convinced him to get the costume on and he would get REAL candy. As I a sure you already have guessed it worked. Now when you ask him what his favorite part of Halloween is he will respond with a resounding, “CANDY!” I may have just created a monster. ; )

Dada and Little Man as Batman and Robin

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