As part of my little mission to keep life fabulous after babies, I often hit the mall. A lot time it’s not even to purchase anything… it’s more of a get-outta-the-house-with-2-babies-and-avoid-those-indoor-play-areas outing. It’s fun, keeps me up to date with all things fashionable and makes us feel more fun to see new things. Except when the only elevator in the whole department store breaks and I find myself faced with a double-stroller vs steep-escalator showdown. I discovered my “love” for escalators and strollers at the beginning of my mommyhood (almost 2 years ago), but this latest experience took it to a whole new level. Now I’ve got a DOUBLE stroller. Longer. Bigger. More annoying (despite that my two favorite little people ride around in it). 

The scene: Macy’s. It was an in-and-out mission (I had to buy a toaster). Up the elevator from the parking garage, straight to housewares, then back down the same elevator within 15 minutes. No prob. I had it all figured out. Wrong. It was as though the store knew it was close to dinnertime (aka: when little people start loud and sudden crying for food). It was as though the elevator and escalator said to each other, “Let’s teach this mom a lesson. How dare she think she can pull off a 15 minute purchase with a double stroller and 2 babies. Ha.” Not. So. Fast. Lady. After waiting at the elevator for about 20 minutes (and watching the lights that show which floor the car is on go dark), I finally realized the thing broke down. Great.

So I peddled my looooong stroller over to the top of the escalator and looked down. This was not happening. Help please! Someone! I waved down the first salesperson I saw and desperately asked for assistance carrying down my stroller, infant (asleep in her carseat) and toddler. “Sorry, I’m on break.” (Really?!?) I waved down another salesperson. “Of course!” he immediately began helping me. (Finally, someone sane.) He then enlisted the guy who was “on break” too. (Ha!) I was all-business. I shamelessly broke down my stroller (faster than I ever have before) right there in the middle of the aisle, folded it up, handed one guy the carseat (containing my infant), handed the other guy the folded stroller, scooped up my toddler – and my new toaster! – and down we rode safely to the first floor.

Mission accomplished. And then I felt FABULOUS. 

Have you ever dealt with a stroller vs. escalator showdown? How did you handle it?

4 Responses to My stroller vs the escalator

  1. CatherineM says:

    I haven’t had an escalator showdown. Now I need to go find some wood to knock on. Now that I have two kiddos I’m sure it’s more likely to happen.

  2. LOL! I have yet to have an escalator showdown. I fear that as a new mom of 3, it wouldn’t have happened. I probably would have broke down in tears and left! LOL!

  3. J Lifshitz says:

    With children we are faced with many “mechanical gauntlets.” revolving doors may be worse. We (my brothers and I) now tackle them with the PIGGYBACK RIDER. it’s so much better coming out on the winning side!

  4. HAHA! Oh man I would have given that guy on break a piece of my mind if he had said that to me. What the heck happened to customer service and common courtesy!? Oh and this is exactly the reason why my husband refuses to ever take the kid out alone. Heaven forbid he get stuck in a similiar situation. ; )

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