What’s your “mom” word? You know, that one word you find yourself saying out-loud a zillion times a day… That one word that comes to you when you’ve suddenly got FIVE kids to take care of… That one word that comes to you when your toddler is screaming that she wants something just because the baby is getting it

Here’s my big “mom” word of late: RELAX. Say it out loud: RELAX. Say it slower, with a smirk and a smile: REEEEE-LAAAAAAAAAHXXX. It’ my magic word and – even though it does it’s job at calming both my babies AND myself down – it’s kinda starting to annoy me.


I think ‘RELAX’ first entered my vernacular a few weeks ago when both of my girls were flipping out at the same time about toys or food of something I can’t even remember. “Everybody REEEEEE-LAAAAAX” I leaned over and boomed above them and couldn’t help but laugh when it actually worked (they both stopped making noise and just stared at me like, Whoa that was weird, Mama). So now, it’s my go-to. I say it to my baby when she screeches for her bottle. RELAX… I say it to my toddler when she panics about wanting to wipe spaghetti sauce off her hands right THEN. RELAX… I say it to myself in those little ‘moments’ (you know, those ‘moments’ of argh!) that all of us have every now and then during our days at home. REEE-LAAAAAX.

The fantastic part is that this word that now flies out of my mouth at every single appropriate opportunity actually works for my girls and myself. When I say it, they seem to get the message and I actually DO relax enough to see the comedy in whatever absurd situation brings on the word in the first place. My toddler even threw my own medicine back at me the other night during dinner when she sternly (yet sweetly) advised me to lean my back against the back of my chair and “relax, mama” because I was leaning over the table while eating my food. I kid you not.

The annoying part? I’m slowly beginning to drive myself looney because of how frequently the word pops out of my mouth. It’s like a reflex now. I’ve turned into one of ‘those’ moms that uses the same words over and over and over again because I can’t think of anything new to replace it. It’s like, Get a better vocab, Jill. (Maybe should just relax.)



One Response to My new “mom” word that’s getting annoying.

  1. Catherine says:

    I definitely say “take a deep breath” a lot. To myself. To my girls. To the whole darn family when things are falling apart as I’m making dinner.

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