Father’s Day is just around the corner and my five-year-old is already busy at work making signs and cards and plotting out gift ideas for her daddy. She’s a planner. She gets it from me. I am sure by the time Father’s Day rolls around she will have quite the pile of handmade cards, drawings, signs and probably even a written song or two complete with a choreographed performance. If there is one thing Madeline is truly gifted at it’s showing and giving love.

So I’ll take a cue from my sweet girl and get to work on pulling together an extra big pile of love for my daddy.

My dad is a rescuer. As in he was always the first one I called when I was in a pinch. That time in college when I accidentally locked my keys in my running car 45 minutes from home. He was the one I called and he was the one who drove out late at night to rescue me. Or even last night when I called and explained that we had just bought a big wooden play set for the girls and then asked if he could help set it up this weekend. He said yes. Although in this case I am not sure if it is because his daughter was asking for help or if it was because of the two sweet girls that seem to have turned my tough guy dad in to a big mushy teddy bear.

My dad with my oldest daughter.

My dad with my oldest daughter.

It’s a comfort to grow up knowing that your daddy will always be there to save you when you need saving. It’s a treasure to be a mom and know that your girls have a papa that will save them when they need saving too. Hopefully Delaney and Madeline will never need to call my dad late a night to come rescue them because of some silly mistake like locking their keys in their running car, but I know if they do he’ll drive as far as needed to make sure they are taken care of.

Father's Day

My dad with my youngest daughter.

Now I am married to a man who is a great rescuer in his own right and will gladly rescue his girls from silly situations just as my dad always has done for me. I wouldn’t have known to look for this quality in a husband if I hadn’t had such a such good example of a knight in shining armor growing up. Thanks, Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!

How did your dad demonstrate the traits of an awesome father and/or husband to you growing up?

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2 Responses to My father’s good example

  1. I loved reading this. You nailed it, that is exactly what Dads do, they rescue. They swoop in when you need them and help without missing a beat My Dad rescued me from too many car troubles to count and many other ridiculous mistakes.

  2. Donna says:

    Dads are great Catherine’s dad just happens to be my husband. We love Catherine and her family. Catherine’s dad has always rescued me from many things he is wonderful! Great article Catherine! Love ya mom.

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