My baby has an addiction.

He’s only eight weeks old, but he’s already hooked.

No, it’s not his pacifier – and for my future sanity I hope he never becomes attached to that.

It’s his blanket.

Being attached to a blanket is not unheard of for a baby or young child. This specific blanket was a gift from a friend, and it’s thin and soft, so I can see the attraction in it. My issue lies with his preferred placement of said blanket. I don’t mind at all when he holds onto it tightly, and I’m okay with him rubbing it against his cheek. Unfortunately, his favorite method of cuddling with his blanket it by completely covering his face and head with it.

This is not the first child I’ve had who did this. But he is definitely the most extreme. It seems as though every time I put him down for his nap, his blanket migrates from a light cheek graze to full on head coverage. It’s a very lightweight fabric,  so part of me knows he’s not smothering himself, but it still makes me uneasy. I find myself checking on him every few minutes – and it feels like I’m constantly moving the blanket away from his face, but somehow it ends up covering him again.

I suppose I could take the blanket away. That would solve my problem, wouldn’t it? Only, I would be taking away the one thing – besides myself – that makes him truly comfortable. I can complain about it all I want, but I’d much rather be a nervous wreck while he sleeps peacefully than have him be restless and unhappy. You win this time, blanket. But I’ll be right here obsessively making sure my little guy is okay.

Have you ever tried to break your child of an addiction to an object?

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  1. Well I had the opposite. My son was obsessed with taking of his clothes. (obviously a little older than your little guy is) but we have so many pictures of the kid crawling around in just a diaper all the time. My Mom, would always laugh and say “Don’t you have any clothes for that kid!”

    He even did it at a wedding once! It was hysterical.

  2. Try three blankets. My daughter has to have all three blankets with her at all times. It is the binky that she is attached to that I want to go!!!!!

  3. SO IDENTIFY WITH THIS! My son is addicted to his blankie (same muslin cotton one as yours). Up until 2 weeks ago his ultimate comfort combo was his blankie and binker, which he called ‘baku.’ Once we moved him to the big boy bed we took away the binker cold turkey and just said “binkers are for babies and you’re a big boy now.” I was surprised how easy it was. He asked for it a couple of times but our answer seemed to atisfy him. The other day out of no where he says from his carseat, “Binkers are for babies. I a baby no more. I a BIG BOY!”


  4. […] while he slept and as a result he pretty much sleeps through anything – as long as he has his blanket on his face of course. I found myself running up and down the stairs every few minutes checking on him. Not to […]

  5. My daughter once had that when she was that little. Precious gift! I made personally her blanket and accidentally have my baby blankets collection for me to share. They’re all lovely! You can see it here Please enjoy!

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