I know many of you reading our Right Start Blog are new moms or even pregnant for the first time, and maybe a little scared or unsure what to expect in the future. You may be wondering how to be the best mom to your precious newborn, learning as you go in this new experience. Though no one can really explain what it means to be a mom or exactly how to handle every situation, we do our best and from that, we continually reap the rewards, great and small, that we get every day from our efforts. Right now you may be sleep deprived, covered in spit up or suffering from morning sickness, but what you have to look forward to will bring you unimaginable joy.

gavin baby

As a mother of a 10 year old reflecting on how I have come to this point, I can offer a little glimpse into what your future may hold in the form of some beautiful everyday rewards…

5 years from now when she scores her first goal in a soccer match and beaming with pride immediately looks to you first to make sure that you saw what she just did.

6 years from now when you walk into your favorite restaurant and he amazes you with good manners, saying please and thank you to your waiter and ordering all by himself.

7 years from now when he is in first grade and is asked to write a story about his hero, and the first sentence reads “My Hero is my Mom…” in his best first-grader handwriting

8 years from now when she teaches you something new about how to use your iPhone that makes your life easier, and you instantly feel like you may have the next Steve Jobs on your hands.

9 years from now when you drop him off at school and he runs to greet his friends, and you marvel at how grown up he looks, feeling a little sad just as he turns and makes sure to give you a wave, or even better, runs back to give you that last hug before you go

10 years from now when you have that proud moment and realize you have raised a thoughtful and gracious human being when your son or daughter walks over to an opposing team member after a tough loss and congratulates a child they have never met on the great hit they just got to win the game.

gavin baseball game

So for all the times you may feel at your wits end or ready to pull out your hair through the years, just know that there are many little moments waiting for you that will remind you how amazing it is to be a mom and how important you are in this little person’s life. Every day with them is a gift.

Happy Mother’s Day!!


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