Yup. Mother’s Day week again. How’d that happen so fast? And in a completely ‘me’ way, I’m skipping the whole la-dee-da-broo-ha-ha of doing a Mother’s Day gift guide on my regular blog, and instead writing about the ONE inappropriate thing that I really want this year. Oooohhhh, it’s a goodie.

And then it dawned on me: Did my mom want the same thing when I was growing up? Probably.

Meet my Mom. 2 of the kids are mine :)

Meet my Mom. 2 of the kids are mine 🙂

Instead, she got what my sister and I wanted. Mother’s Day morning meant waking up early with my sister and making my mom breakfast… and then taking it to her in bed on our Strawberry Shortcake TV-tray. I don’t remember if we did it one year, two years or more than that… but all I remember was how FUN it was for us. We felt like we were doing something to end all other luxuries. Oooooooooh she is going to LOVE this! I think we put a flower on the tray too…. to make it super-fancy and all. She’d play along and act surprised and happy and it was so much fun for us. Then, if I’m putting the pieces together correctly, she had no choice but to clean up the kitchen from our mess when she got out of bed. And then load the dishwasher with the dirty bowls we’d created during our pancake-making. And then get us all dressed and ready to go to church. Wow. Happy Mother’s Day.

Growing up, my mom did everything. I mean, everything. She half-laughs about it and half-complains about it now. How did I do that? she’s asked me again and again. She worked, she took us shopping, she cooked dinner every night, she drove us to Sunday School every Sunday (AND played organ), she taught piano lessons, she sewed our dance recital costumes, she did homework with us, she managed to always look cute and dressed up. Nobody had housekeepers or nannies or consistently-scheduled help (like so many families I know here in Los Angeles). Sure my dad was around (my parents are still married to this day), but let’s just say that the ‘Dad-Being-So-Involved-With-the-Kids-Movement’ that we are used to now didn’t quite exist.

If anybody deserved alone-time, it was my mom. And your mom. And the mom down the street. And that mom at the grocery store. But something tells me that very few of them actually cashed in. Maybe that’s why so many of us modern moms are craving so much of it now? I sometimes think we crave it too much. Maybe.

Earlier this year, my mom made me promise her that I’d set aside time for myself on a regular basis. Call a sitter and go somewhere fun by yourself she demanded. Mother knows best because she’s lived it. We might not get away with skipping out on Mother’s Day, but finding time to skip out on something so that we may remember who we are as women is a gift worth giving ourselves.




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