Now that I’m a mom, Mother’s Day means something. It always did (being a daughter who happens to be really close to her mom), but now it really means something. It’s personal. I was inexplicably lucky to be raised by a mom who I actually want to replicate move-by-move as I raise my own two daughters (ok, almost, with a few exceptions of course). So, in honor of my own fabulous mom this week (who ultimately inspired my own big experiment), I’m tattling what she never did.


Dear Mom, 

You never allowed me to think that I couldn’t handle anything – and I do mean ANYTHING – that comes my way. Ever.

You never fed into my idiotic adolescent whining about how some event in my young life (an onstage performance, academic challenge or dating relationship) didn’t go as perfectly as I had unrealistically imagined it in my head.

You never hesitated to use your famous words “Handle It” whenever they were remotely relevant.

You never tried to persuade me to become an attorney when I took that confusing LSAT course and hated it so much (so many years ago) just so you and Dad could tell people “My daughter is applying to law school.”

You never suggested that it was remotely okay to sit back, relax and not volunteer and/or contribute to anything greater than yourself.

You never lied and told me that I looked like a million bucks when I actually looked like total junk for no good reason and needed to get my act together… and possibly add some highlights to my hair.

You never made me feel guilty, selfish or wrong for wanting to create my life and live it 3 whole hours (driving in a car) away from you.

You never made me feel that I can’t call on you for anything at any time… even if it’s to talk about something really inane (like, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) or to whine about something that I can’t control (although “Handle It” often still sneaks it’s way in).

MY MOM, MY FRIEND, MY MENTOR… (And now, the best Grandma ever!) I hope and pray that I don’t do any of these things for my girls either. I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR ALL OF IT.



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4 Responses to Mother’s Day: Things my mom never did.

  1. Aw, Jill! What a sweet post! Love this!

  2. Catherine says:

    This is great. My mom never pushed her opinions and desires on me, even when we didn’t agree she let me follow my own path.

  3. Melissa J Young says:

    Interesting blog! I enjoyed reading that letter too. My mom always used to tell me to stick on to my opinions and views. The one whom I admire most in this world is my mom itself. Not only mom, I love my dad too. I love the way they live. They are not just living the life. they are living and enjoying each and every moment of the life. Actually, it is because of a dating agency that they united. I am so glad that the agency could give a best match for my mom. They are always good together! And I wish to find a match for myself in the same way. And I have already started searching about dating agency details.

  4. Laura Jackson says:

    Nicely said Melissa. You are such a lovely daughter. Even I am considering a dating agency to find my best match. I hope it will work out well. I have known many people who live a wonderful life because of the help of dating agencies. All the best dear. I wish you all success in your life. May you get a perfect match for yourself.

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