I’m not a morning person. Not at all. I’m more of a stay-up-late-and-get-things-done-while-everyone-sleeps person. But that usually means that when my children wake up because the sun is slightly peeking over the horizon and come into my room demanding breakfast immediately, I’m not really at my best.

Some days I really try to buy some more time in bed. I let them eat bananas and granola bars and watch a movie in their room until my alarm won’t let me hit snooze anymore. Then comes the crazy rushing because we only have about 20 minutes left to all get ready to go.


I’ve thought about making it easier on myself by doing things ahead of time, but I never stick with it. Making breakfasts that are easy to grab and go is an awesome help. I’ve made huge batches of pancakes or muffins – things that I can pop in the microwave for a couple of seconds and hand to my kids. It works great when I manage to do it, but by the end of the day when everyone’s in bed I’m not really thinking about cooking more food.

I could set out everyone’s clothing the night before. Not only would it save time, but it could possibly help me avoid the melt downs from a four year old who absolutely will not do, wear, or eat anything that he didn’t choose by himself. Instead, I end up searching through a basket of clean clothes that never got put away and hope that there’s something for everyone in it. Usually I spend a good ten minutes on just trying to find underwear or a matching sock.


When I finally find a complete outfit for each person and we’re all dressed, then comes the great shoe scavenger hunt. Even though we have a designated spot to put our shoes when we take them off, they never seem to be there when I only have five minutes left to get everyone into the car. I’m pretty sure I have some kind of elf that hides them while we sleep. There’s no other explanation.

I’ve always been a pretty punctual person. And when I’m alone I can totally get where I need to be either on time or even early. I like to joke that each kid you have makes you 15 minutes later to everything. Unfortunately it’s not really a joke – it’s totally true. I hate being late to anything, but more than that I hate being stressed out.

So maybe my kids are tardy more often than I’d like them to be. At least we made it there without any crying or yelling. And if anyone knows any good tricks – or has a time machine or magical remote control – please share!

How do you handle the chaos of getting ready in the morning?

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4 Responses to Morning Routine Madness

  1. Krissy says:

    um Amen. I am definitely a stay-up-late-get-things-done-then kinda person and so far so good this year. I am determined not to fall in my rut like I did last year – the Oh, I will ‘get up early’ and fix their lunches, pick out their clothes – ha, yeah right! Those end up in screaming matches with my tweenager, and the others having breakdowns.
    Their clothes are laid out, lunches packed, homework checked, papers signed, and baths/showers taken. We are lucky because the school provides free breakfast to all the students, so I don’t have to FORCE them to eat.
    Now that all 3 of my kids are in school, I’ve actually made it to work on time. EVERY. DAY.
    Miracles DO happen!

  2. I have to get the most done possible the night before or the morning is CRAZY! I lay out our clothes, get the backpack read and lay out the lunch box, so I remember to pack it. Yeah, I’ve forgotten before. Ha!

  3. katie says:

    amen!! we have only been late for school once so far this year, but we have had multiple close calls. I am the queen of snoozing 5-10 minutes past “oh shit, we are late!” luckily, my child understands the rush & we have figured out a routine that honestly works better if we are running around trying to hurry out the door!

  4. Ok my kids haven’t even started school and you are already scaring me. My oldest is just starting preschool next week (attending only two days a week) and I am already anxious about that. I can’t even fathom getting ready multiple children for school every day!

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