There are so many things you imagine you will be and do as a mom. Three years ago if I were to tell myself that I would have made my own baby food, cloth diapered, and donated my milk I would have thought I was crazy. You just never know what kind of woman motherhood will turn you into.

Two months ago a friend on Facebook was asking for milk donations for her girlfriend who was due with her third child in a few short weeks. Since I have been blessed with a large milk supply I thought, “Hey I could pump for this woman!” It seemed strange at first pumping milk for a woman (and baby) I didn’t know. It was even harder to fit in an extra pump session managing two children, especially since my baby was still nursing so often. The only time I had was usually later at night before bed when I was already exhausted. So many times I just wanted to say, “Forget this!” and go to bed. Why had I offered to do this? The only thing I knew about this woman was that she had no milk ducts and was having a boy.

In those late nights God did a work on my hardened heart and I began to pray for this sweet little baby and his mama. I prayed for her health and comfort in these last weeks of pregnancy. I prayed for this baby boy, that he would be strong and healthy and this milk would help him thrive. I also thanked God that I was able to nurse both of my sons. That I was blessed with so much and never had to worry or stress about low supply or a baby that wasn’t thriving. But most of all I thanked the Lord for this mom who wanted so badly to provide her son with the best possible start at life.

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Now I don’t write this to honk my own horn. If I had been in charge I would have given up a few days in. But then I would have missed the amazing blessing it was to be humbled and know what it is to truly serve another without expecting anything in return.

I was able to finally meet this woman in person and you can read my post I donated my breast milk: a meeting I will never forget on MomsLA.

Have you ever considered donating your breast milk?


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4 Responses to I donated my breast milk: a humbling experience that brought me to my knees

  1. That is an amazing story. I had the fortune of being able to use some milk donated by a friend for a short while before having to turn to formula. With my second son I had enough excess that I donated to a local milk bank in Irvine, but never met the mom or moms who were able to use it. Many people think it’s gross, but I think any mom who can do it is a superhero.

    • That’s awesome Angela! It’s so nice to see whom you are donating to and know that your milk is helping a mom that can’t breastfeed. Happy to hear the milk production wasn’t a problem the second time around. Saves so much money when you don’t have to buy formula. ;)

  2. What a great story! I tried to donate breastmilk after my son passed away thinking that it would be healing for me but in the end it was just too emotional and I couldn’t do it. Since then I’ve always loved hearing stories about donating breastmilk though because I understand what a huge difference it can make.

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