When my oldest was almost three-months-old we took her to a local event where our town’s most beloved Santa Claus was making an appearance. This particular Santa Claus is one of the most celebrated aspects about the holiday season in our area. He has a long white beard and hair to match – both real by-the-away. He’s has a slightly weathered appearance and a knowing look one would expect Santa to have.

As a new mom I was apprehensive about handing over my little baby to a stranger. Not so much because I was unsure of this old man – I would be standing right next to him as my husband snapped pictures a few feet away – but because I was unsure of how my baby would react to him. I’ll never forget the look on my little baby’s face when she first spied this strange long-bearded man with a glasses and a soft jolly red suit. A look of confusion and alarm crossed her face. What happened next is what surprised me. This sweet old man held my little baby for the next five minutes or so and rocked her, talked to her and even sang her songs in a lovely melodic voice. Then he searched through his box of toys and goodies to find something to give her.

She will not remember her first meeting with Santa Claus, but her dad and I always will. That first meeting is one reason we have waited in long lines to see him every year since . This year we will be taking her back and we’ll get to experience a first all over again as we introduce our youngest to this sweet old Santa Claus.



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  1. Donna says:

    Catherine you sound so real.

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