Who are the Right Start Moms?

Catherine Moss

 As the mother of a newly minted kindergartner and sweet newborn baby Catherine has no idea who the Real House Wives of any city or county are – unless you are talking about the women in her playgroup. She has food on the brain at all times measures her success as a parent by the variety of foods her daughter will eat. Catherine firmly believes motherhood is a jungle and if she has any hopes of survival she has to keep evolving. You can find her at EvolvingMommy.com, where she shares her evolving life.  Follow her on twitter: @EvolvingMommy  and find her on Facebook: facebook.com/evolvingmommy

I am by no means a perfect mom, wife, friend, or person for that matter. I sometimes let the TV babysit my daughter so I can get the dishes done or have a few minutes to myself and I tend to avoid the phone whenever possible.  If you are looking to read the thoughts of a “perfect mom who has it all figured out” I may not be your woman, but if you like a little dose of feeling like your life is pretty normal and you are not alone, than you are in the right place. It is my hope with the aid of Evolving Mommy to continue to grow and evolve as a person, to always strive to be a better mom tomorrow than I am today and to one day find the time to take a nap.

Jill Simonian

Jill Simonian is a Television Host, Entertainment Journalist and Founder/Author of TheFabMom.   Having two “surprise” baby girls in two years (September 2010 & March 2012) she contributes to ModernMomMomversation, BlogHer, has guest-blogged for BabyCenter and was a co-host for the 2011 web series HerSay alongside Soleil Moon Frye. Jill’s day jobs have included on-camera work for CNN/HLN’s “Showbiz Tonight”, Travel Channel, KTLA-5 (Los Angeles), ReelzChannel, the UK’s popular ITV morning shows “Daybreak” & “Lorraine” and more. Jill lives in Los Angeles with her husband and girls, and has a blast trying to keep life ‘fabulous’ after having babies.

For this former Miss Hollywood, being a “Fab Mom” is a lifestyle. It means dressing up, cleaning up, sucking it up, problem-solving quickly, being assured in myself, not complaining and reminding myself to laugh and put on more lipstick when I feel UNfabulous and buried under a pile of poopy diapers.I fall off the wagon from time to time, but here I share my tips, tricks, trials, triumphs and totally-wacky realizations about how I strive to be one of those ‘fabulous moms’ while keeping up appearances in lifestyle & career (with my two mini-me’s in tow).

Sara Wellensiek

Sara Wellensiek is a mom of 3 little guys who hung up her high school biology teacher lab coat in order to spend more time at home with them. When she’s not playing dinosaurs, cars, or doing a million other “mom” things, you can find her blogging at Mom Endeavors or chatting on Twitter and Facebook.

Through­out my life, I’ve always loved learn­ing and been involved in many dif­fer­ent endeav­ors. This is no dif­fer­ent as a mom–just a few of the top­ics have changed! :)Now, I find myself learn­ing about all sorts of things relat­ing to moth­er­hood and home man­age­ment.  And, the teacher in me loves shar­ing what I learn with oth­ers who are interested.

Chelsea Dayruns

Chelsea Dayruns the family blog Someday I’ll Learn, where she and her husband tackle domestic life, including cooking, cleaning, parenting, organization, money management and more…one day at a time! They aim to simplify life for other busy parents with helpful tips and a healthy dose of reality.

After graduating from college, I got engaged, then married and settled down in the suburbs. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that domestic bliss requires cooking, cleaning, organizing, and a whole host of other stuff they didn’t teach at UCLA. Oh yeah, and then our son came along…

And then we got pregnant AGAIN. It’s been quite a ride. We make a lot of mistakes and catch the occasional oven mitt on fire, but we’re learning a lot along the way. Although we lack a few vital skills, we know how to laugh at each other and appreciate the little things. And we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives figuring all this stuff out!

Rachel Lister

A former teacher and the owner of BusyMommyMedia.com, where she writes about simple solutions for a busy life. As the mother of 4 incredibly different kids, she thought she’d seen it all, but the recent addition of a newborn daughter to a house full of boys is changing things up again.

Rachel was parenting 2 small children (at the time) while running a busy home daycare and preschool. Each day offered many sweet rewards but was emotionally draining as adult contact was limited to nights and weekends. Rachel had a degree in English and had always wanted to write but life got in the way. In the Fall of 2006, Rachel began writing for several online parenting publications that focused on preschool education and parenting young children. With a background in education and experience running a home based business, Rachel found that she had information that moms wanted and she enjoyed building online relationships with other moms who were looking for support

Kate Wilkinson

Kate is a wife to an amazing man who loves to cook (yes she knows she’s lucky!) and is blessed to be a stay at home mom to her two year old Little Man. They are expecting their second child in February. Come join her adventure to maintain sanity while she juggles a VERY energetic two year old, housework that never seems to end, and the occasional date night that isn’t thwarted by falling asleep in the movie theatre. When pregnancy brain allows Kate blogs at RetroModernMom.com about family, faith and the funny things in between. It may be hard living in LA but she’s a modern mom doing it the old-fashioned way.

I love all things vintage and retro yet I could never be without my modern conveniences (like my curling iron ;) ). My home is all about mid century modern and if my hubby had his way we would live in a house resembling the Brandy Bunch. I have been swing dancing since I was 16 and spent most of my teens going to hear my moms big band, Wartime Radio Revue.

Angela Bishop

A self proclaimed “mildly crunchy” stay-at-home mom who is never home. She has three boys ages 6, 3 and newborn. She’s a fan of babywearing, being opinionated, going outdoors, cooking (but not cleaning) and spending time with friends and family. You can find her rambling on at her personal blog http:/www.ninemoremonths.com.

Formerly a clinical skincare sales person, I still have a great passion for beauty products. After making the decision to leave my job in order to grow my family I wanted to still connect with people and share advice and knowledge that I had gained over the years. I began a series on my blog entitled Beauty-full Mondays. These days I share my picks, tips, and tricks on my OC Family beauty blog Beauty Store Dropout.

Andrea Fellman

A mom who hasn’t lost her style to motherhood. Andrea is the owner and editor of SavvySassyMoms.com, weekly contributor to the BabyCenter Blog and Los Angeles ivoice corespondent for iVillage.com. Andrea is not only an influential blogger and Top 50 Babble.com Twitter Mom, but a social media event planner as well. She has been successful both by creating buzz online and combining that with special events in the real world. Catch her if you can @savvysassymoms

I live in Los Angeles with my incredible husband and our two beautiful children, McKenna and Hudson. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design in Merchandising.  Before starting my online venture I worked in the children’s retail industry and loved it!  After having two kids and deciding not to go back to work I found myself losing my passion for life and struggling to find a creative outlet.   My husband, the tech-y one at home, encouraged me to start a blog…

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