Did you know that four out of five car seats are installed incorrectly? When installed correctly, a car seat can save lives. How could such an essential safety task elude us? Here’s the thing: car seats are more technical than we all realize and often there is no easy way to check that they are correct in your car. And because they appear to work simply—thanks to exemplary engineering and design—we can easily overlook important features for secure installation.

Here at Right Start, we want to ensure your family is safe on all your journeys. Our retail stores  offer in-store car seat advice, and our CPS certified technicians will teach you to correctly install your car every time.

But there’s another part of this equation: we offer seats that are designed for easy, no-hassle installation, to make sure they are installed correctly every time.

So …drumroll, please!!… meet the 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat! Baby gear company 4moms specializes in technology-enabled baby gear—that is, baby gear that harnesses the wonders of advanced robotics, cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Because of this, it has pioneered an entirely new type of car seat.

The 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat actually tells you when the car seat is installed correctly. Its audio voice verifies proper installation before every car trip, and during it, as well. The seat itself, specifically its base, actually self-installs. What does that even mean?

Here’s how it works: the car seat guides parents with visual and voice commands on both the car seat base and in the 4moms app, which is required for auto installation. After latching the car seat base to your vehicle’s anchors, the base automatically “levels” (moves up and down), “tensions” (moves forward and back) and confirms when both adjustments are correct. Then, once you connect the carrier to the base, you’ll again receive voice and visual confirmation that it is locked into place. Amazing, right?

The base features 20—yes, 20!—sensors that continuously monitor the seat’s status. Its voice will notify you if anything is not correct (like a disconnected latch or loss of tension). And it then guides you on how to correct it.

4moms self-installing car seat // blog.rightstart.com

It will also send smart alerts to your phone, cueing you immediately. The advanced robotics technologies allow you to view the current car seat status at any time, as well as adjust the seat settings in real time. You can use your smart device, for example, to ensure the car seat base is installed at the correct level, based on the vehicle’s incline. And, based on the vehicle’s make and model, the 4moms App can recommend a specific seat position. You can even input your baby’s height and weight, and it will track the growth of your little one. The app gives reminders to check harness and head rest position, and it proactively alerts you to when the child begins outgrowing the seat.

In other words, with this 4moms Car Seat, you can travel with peace of mind that your little one is safe and sound. Shop for yours here!


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