I remember making May Day baskets with my mom when I was little. We would fill them with treats or flowers and deliver them to friends homes. I loved ding-dong ditching and running away, hiding in the bushes to see their reactions. It’s a fun tradition to do with small children and one that can become a nice craft as well! Here’s a pretty easy and cheap craft that I was able to finish during nap time.

May Day craft materialsWhat you will need:

  • empty soup can, label peeled off
  • Tacky glue & scotch tape
  • ribbon
  • 8.5 x 11 piece of heavy paper
  • clippers
  • scissors
  • twigs

Prepping the can – Cut the piece of paper the height of the can, leaving about 1/2″ at the top and tape it around the can. Using scissors cut little slits at top and fold it over and into the can. Cut a piece of ribbon about 20″ long – long enough to have flowers as well as fit over a doorknob. Glue it to both sides of the can.

Step One collage

Adding Twigs – This is the part that is great to have your toddler help with. Have them find and bring you twigs while you cut them with the clippers the height of the can. It’s ok if the lengths aren’t exactly the same, it actually looks better that way. Begin gluing them on alternating colors and widths.

Gluing on Twigs

Making sign – while the glue on the twigs is drying take the leftover paper and cut a rectangle about 2.5″ long. Cut triangles out from both ends and fold in an accordion shape. You can write any message you like but I simply wrote Happy May Day. Using the left over ribbon tie a bow around the can and glue the sign below.

Making the Sign 2


Add flowers or treats and go make someone smile!

Finished May Day Basket

Do you celebrate May Day by doing anything special?

3 Responses to May Day basket craft

  1. W Grehalva says:

    I remember doing this 50 + years ago in Minnesota! It was much anticipated and was so fun, especially the ringing of the doorbell and running and hiding! Ahh …. good memories.

  2. This is gorgeous and such a wonderful idea!

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