Valentines day is less than two weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited to put together fun Valentines for my preschooler. I love taking him to the store to pick out fun little goodies and putting them all together in cute packages. With only five kids in his class I can really go all out, and his teacher is able to do a lot of great Valentine-themed activities as well. It’s really a fun holiday for a four year old to celebrate.

Putting five of these together is a cinch.

Putting five of these together is a cinch.

I have a confession, though. I don’t enjoy doing Valentines for my older son. Last year it was a real challenge to sit at the table and have him write his name 30 times in a row. He got tired of it pretty quickly, so I ended up doing most of the work. Then he took those 30 little folded-up cards, took them to school, and came home with a backpack full of paper and candies. It’s just not as fun for me, there’s not as much excitement in it I guess.

I remember back when I was in elementary school. At the beginning of February the teachers would send home a list of all the students in the class. My mom would take me to the store and I’d pick a box of Valentines – ones with cool characters on them. I’d go through and choose with ones I wanted to give to who and then I’d address them. Most of the fun was in deciding which Valentines I’d give to which friends. I even had some left over for teachers and friends in other classes.

Half of the fun is choosing someone special.

Half of the fun is choosing someone special.

Nowadays you’re not allowed to address the cards. To make the exchanging go as quickly as possible the Valentines are just passed out at random to everyone. Not much of the day is spent on it. In the upper grades the teachers barely even acknowledge it. Not to mention the fact that a box of 24 Valentine cards doesn’t even cover the amount of students in the class.

I’ve decided that this year I’m going to make it a little more special. Every morning I’m leaving little “What I love about you” notes for the boys to find. Come Valentines day I will make special treats and meals for them. I hope it will make them more aware of their feelings and how they express them to others. And who knows; maybe they will make a couple of girls feel very special in the future. But not until they’re like 30.

What do you do to make Valentines Day special for your family?

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  1. Oh how sad! My son isn’t in school yet so I wasn’t aware how the Valentine’s exchange has changed since I was in elementary school. I LOVED making my Valentines! I certainly hope to do special things like you to make this month meaningful. Great idea about putting up “What I love about you” notes for them.

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