My nearly 2-year-old loves to paint. We started slow entering the world of paint. Mixing a toddler and paint can be intimidating. After-all, toddlers are some of the messiest people on the planet and paint has the potential to get very messy. We started off using Do-A-Dot paint and making pretty pictures with dots like this colorful dot rainbow. Then, we moved on to watercolor paints. Now we’re wading into the world of finger paint and washable tempera paint.

My daughter doesn’t like painting with her fingers. She doesn’t seem to enjoy having her fingers dirty. So all those fun activities like playing with shaving cream, finger painting and Play-Doh are not appealing to her yet, although I imagine they will be at some point in the future. Even though she doesn’t enjoy getting her fingers messy, she loves painting. Painting with a brush is of course fun and awesome, but one way we’ve kicked our painting up a notch is to paint with objects you wouldn’t normally associate with applying paint to paper.

One of our favorite ways to put color paint on paper and make beautiful art is to drive various colors of paint all over our big white sheet of paper using cars, trucks and tractors from around the house.

painting with cars trucks and trains

Tools needed to paint with cars

  • cars, trucks, trains or tractors (wheels with texture work best)
  • washable paint
  • plain paper
  • paper plate

How to paint with cars and trucks

1. Squirt paint on the paper plate.

2. Roll the vehicle through the paint, coating all four wheels.

3. Drive the car with its paint coated wheels all over the paper. Making car noises is optional but a good “vroom vroom” can only make it all more fun.

4. Using a variety of different cars with different textured tires and different colors will make for a lovely patterned picture.

Have you ever tried painting with cars or trucks before? What fun out of the ordinary things have you painted with?


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