With Thanksgiving coming up, most of us will be spending some time in the kitchen. And, lots of traditional Thanksgiving foods actually make great baby food! So, while you’re already cooking things anyway, why not whip up some food for your favorite little person(s)?!

If you’re not sure about making you’re own baby food, I assure you it’s super easy! There are so many great baby food making products on the market, but if you don’t have any a regular ‘ole blender will do the trick. Basically, you just need something to help you puree the food!

Some of the first baby foods we always start with for our babies have been yams/sweet potatoes and various squashes. And, since those are inexpensive this time of year (and might be on your Thanksgiving to make list anyway), this is the perfect time to make some. Even though our littlest guy isn’t quite old enough for solids yet, I’ll be throwing a couple of extras in the oven tomorrow just to puree and freeze for him to have in a couple of months!  Since we’re already cooking anyway, it doesn’t require much extra work to put something in to process for baby food. When I make baby food, I like to freeze the purees in ice cube trays or bite-size baking trays. Then, you have about one ounce cubes that you can just store together in a large freezer bag and pop out a few as needed! It’s so convenient! If you have a baby who has already started sampling solids, then other holiday favorites like mashed potatoes and turkey can be turned into great baby food. You can just puree down the turkey into some baby food meat. And, if you’re worried about any milk or food allergies with the mashed potatoes, just pull out a few potatoes before you mix them with all the creamy goodness! Then, puree those steamed potatoes down and you have baby’s 1st mashed potatoes!

Easy, inexpensive, and healthy…definitely all things to be thankful for!

What will your baby be dining on for Thanksgiving?

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