4moms has done it again! Magnetic innovation has created a high chair that is both easy for moms to use and keeps messes at bay! 4moms Highchair

The incredibly convenient 4moms Highchair makes your child’s mealtimes so much easier! Because mommy’s hands are frequently full, it features revolutionary magnetic technology that makes it easy to position the highchair tray back in place with one hand. Instead of having to force and position the tray into built-in slots like traditional highchairs, the magnets can guide the tray back into position. It’s easy to lift the tray using one hand and set it back down on top of the magnetic strips, which seamlessly guides it back into position.

For added convenience, the whole tray has a magnetic strip that can adhere to the magnet mealtime accessories (sold separately); even when upside down, so your child’s plates won’t end up on the floor! 4moms offers a line of magnetic bowls, plates and utensils to stick to the tray. Fewer meals thrown overboard, and less clean up for you!
4moms Feeding Magnetic Starter Set

In addition, the 4moms Highchair is comfy for your child and designed ergonomically to fit your little one’s body. With a detachable 5-point harness to ensure safety, your little one will be securely fastened to the seat at all times. This incredible kids’ highchair grows with your child and is adjustable, with three different height setting options and a harness that can go from a 5-point to a 3-point harness to adjust to your growing child. The innovative baby highchair features sleek design that makes it super easy to clean. Plus, there’s no fabric on the seat, just a foam insert, which is easy to wipe clean or remove to rinse in the sink. Even the straps are removable and machine washable, as well as a removable, dishwasher-safe tray liner. The 4moms Highchair is for children 6 months and up (or when your child can sit unassisted).

4moms Highchair

You can pre-order your highchair and accessories now for an estimated late March arrival.

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