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After the Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukkah-New Years-Valentine’s holiday gifting barrage, it’s refreshing to enter the quieter spring months. I love crafting for smaller holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day, April Fools and Easter. Without the expectation of gifts, it really seems special when you take a few extra minutes out of the day to show loved ones that you thought of them on holidays like this. It’s easy for kids to make a personalized card to give to their grandparents, teachers or friends!

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Supplies needed:
Green paint or green ink pad
Markers, colored pencils or crayons
White paper or cardstock

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Coat your child’s thumb with the green paint or ink and stamp once towards the middle of the paper.

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Repeat three more times to form the top of a four-leafed clover.

lucky green thumbs 4

Draw a stem.

lucky green thumbs 5

Add some festive wording.

lucky green thumbs 8

Let your kids decorate the card and write their own message on the inside. Don’t forget to have them practice signing their names!

Chat with your kids about other holidays that they’d like to celebrate, and crafts that would go with each one. Get them excited about egg-dying and hunting, and teach them to give back to their community for May Day. How about Mardi Gras or Cinco de Mayo? Don’t forget about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and any graduation celebrations coming up.

What spring holiday crafts do you make with your kids?





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  1. Catherine says:

    I love crafting for the smaller holidays. It does feel more special and less expected.

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