Children, meet the LEAF. LEAF, meet my kids.

Shortly after the birth of my second son, I was thrilled to discover a new baby bouncer by Nuna called the LEAF. Nuna designs all of their gear with an eye for fashion and style, so it fits in well with my modern home. Goodbye, neon green baby seat! They also develop their products specifically to withstand the weight and demands of growing children throughout several stages of their lives, so it’s absolutely perfect for parents like me with a baby AND an older child in the house. Nuna was started by a father with two young children of his own, so he knows first-hand how to design products to meet the needs of big, busy families.

leaf 2

Our previous baby rocker collapsed under the weight of my almost 2-year-old toddler when he went back into “baby mode” after we brought the new infant home. Goodbye, dinky baby swing! I was a little anxious about bringing more products into the home that may meet an untimely demise, but the Nuna LEAF can hold up to a whopping 130 pounds! One look at its solid, sturdy metal base puts a worried parent’s mind at ease. This thing is durable and safety-tested to the max.

leaf 3

I think of the Nuna LEAF as somewhere between a bouncer and a swing. I’ve had bouncers that don’t move at all on their own. Every parent knows that drill: you wind up constantly jiggling it up and down with your foot to keep the baby happy. Swings are great, but their movement is quite unnatural and if a baby gets too used to that constant vibrating…well, it can be tricky to get them to settle down without it. Plus, anything with batteries eventually gives out and it’s usually at an extremely inconvenient time. Nuna’s LEAF is fantastic because it just takes a gentle push to get it swaying back and forth (like a leaf) and it uses the baby’s own weight to continue that movement for about two minutes. That’s just the right amount of time to lull a fussy baby back to sleep! Best of all, it’s made with certified organic cotton, so I can rest assured that my kids aren’t being exposed to harmful chemicals. It’s just over ten pounds and while I wouldn’t exactly call it “portable,” it’s easy enough to move it from room to room. Plus, it comes in cool, subtle colors that will match anyone’s decor.

leaf 4


My toddler loves to sway back and forth in the LEAF throughout the day, and will actually stay put for almost an entire episode of Sesame Street. When he and the little guy get older, the LEAF can be locked into a stable position so it can be used as an extra chair for them. It’s perfect for the kids to lounge in in the living room, where we (and many families I know) tend to lack enough seats when guests come over.

What are your favorite products that go from baby stage up to toddlerhood and beyond?

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  1. What a great idea!! I love that it goes up to 130 lbs! I can totally see my toddler using this as his TV chair. Problem is we may have to end up buying two. 😉

  2. Catherine says:

    I think I would love to sway back and forth in the Leaf all day too. I’m smitten with Nuna products.

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