People often ask how I juggle a business with two little ones at home. My answer is simple: grandparents! I am fortunate to have my in-laws live less than ten minutes away, and I rely on them for everything from midnight medical advice to once-a-week childcare and emergency support. One grandparent is a nurse while the other oversees construction. I get helpful childrearing tips AND household DIY suggestions in one fell swoop. What more could a new mom ask for?

My in-laws had their first child at 18 and the other less than a year later. As can be expected, this led to a financial and housing situation that was occasionally precarious for them…but we’re all so thankful it happened that way because of the lives we lead today. The huge upside here is that my children have grandparents who are active and involved. Oma and Opa get down in the dirt, they swing, do funny little dances and sing the Elmo song. They constructed an entire playground on their property with slides and a rock wall.

Most of the time, I honestly feel like they’re a whole lot more capable than I am to be parenting these kids. But what are grandparents for, if not to use their experience and do it all just a little bit better than we do?

When I was a kid, my own grandparents played a huge role in my everyday life. They picked me up from school and they snuck me over to McDonald’s for that fast food my parents would NEVER allow. My grandparents inspired me to go to college and helped me pick out my very first home.

One day, I’ll do the same for my children’s children.

In honor of Grandparents Day this Sunday, take some time to acknowledge the role that grandparents have played in your life. Tell us about ones that have been special to you!




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