I imagine there must be a certain delight in seeing yourself and your partner in
your child. To have your baby look back at you through your own eyes – to smile at you
with a tiny version of your husband’s mouth. As we began the adoption process, it
crossed my mind that I might feel a sadness at knowing I would never get to have that
type of connection with my child. That worry though, like so many others, vanished as
soon as my daughter was born. I realized that rather than looking into a mirror, seeing
her was more like gazing through a window – a window that will always be open to her
birth family.

My daughter has the same mouth and, from time to time, the same little furrow in
her brow that her birth mom has. She shares a single dimple with her birth dad and one
of her sisters and her perfect little ears are just like another of her sisters. I feel so
incredibly lucky to know our daughter’s birth family the way we do. Seeing all of them in
her, I am reminded again and again of the tremendous gift they came to give us.


I never could have imagined, never could have hoped for such an amazing
relationship with them. It has added such a richness to my beliefs about the nature of
love and family. It has also helped me fully appreciate that though the beginning of life
may be dictated by lines of genetic code, what a life becomes is fleshed out in the
space between those lines. As I watch my daughter learn how to be a kind, smart,
curious human, I am watching that space take shape. And as it forms, who knows, I
might be gazing through that beautiful window one day and catch a glimpse of my
reflection in the glass.

What traits does your son or daughter take after you?




Melissa Jenkins is new to the blogosphere and thrilled to share her experience as an adoptive mom. She and her husband are the obnoxiously happy parents of one daughter, born and adopted in August 2013. In addition to being an all-the-time new mommy she also works full-time in spinal care focused clinical research. Though research does help satisfy her curious streak, her first and greatest passion is dance. She has the great pleasure of dancing with a local Modern dance company as well as teaching a weekly ballroom dance class with her husband, who is a full-time ballroom dance instructor. (Yes you read that last part right!) Melissa is constantly amazed by her tiny human and still has to pinch herself to be convinced that she really gets to be the mother of such an incredible little lady.

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  1. Cathy Vargas says:

    Beautiful family :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls

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