My ‘baby’ will be 14 years old in a few short months and all I can think is, “where has the time gone?”

As the parent of a teenager, I find myself wishing I could turn back the clock and he could be my sweet, little baby boy again. Since that’s not a possibility, I do the next best thing – I pull out the scrapbooks that I have made over the years and reminisce.

I have scrapbooked for 21 years. Yes, it is my hobby. But creating scrapbooks is so much more than that. My scrapbooks contain my family’s history – who we are, what we did. It’s for our future generations to look back and compare their similarities to us. And it’s for me to look back and remember all of the little details that over time have started to slip away.

Memory book

Even though I have numerous albums of my son from birth until now, there was a time when I couldn’t even fathom the thought of pulling out all of my scrapbooking supplies to scrapbook the numerous pictures that were stacking up. As many of you can relate, the first year after your baby is born is not only one of the most joyous times, it is also extremely exhausting. That’s why I was so glad to have received a baby album as a gift when my son was born that is similar to C.R. Gibson’s Memory Book.

Memory BookBeing able to document all of my son’s ‘firsts’ and details about doctors visits was important to me. Having a Memory Book made it so much easier during that first year. I could grab this book and fill in little details while they were fresh in my mind… details I knew I’d want to remember and for the scrapbooks that I knew I was eventually going to make.

memory bookAnd the best part? I was able to hold my son in my arms while documenting these details in the Memory Book (and I didn’t have to clean up a mess of adhesive, paper scraps and embellishments!).

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