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I love handprint crafts. Kids have a blast with them and they make such cute, personal gifts that friends and family members adore. Handprint crafts are also nice to save in a book to commemorate your child’s growth over the years. These little handprint turkeys are perfect to take to grandma and grandpa’s house for the holiday!

Finger paints
Small paintbrush
White butcher paper or construction paper
Computer, printer and printer paper
Glue stick

handprint turkey 02

Paint the child’s palm and thumb brown and paint the remaining fingers four different colors. Pat the hand, paint-side down, firmly onto the butcher paper.

handprint turkey 03

Use the paintbrush to paint yellow or orange claws onto the turkey.

handprint turkey 04

Paint a beak and comb onto the turkey’s face.

handprint turkey 05

Print out the following poem on printer paper: “This isn’t just a turkey as you can plainly see. I made it with my hand, which is a part of me. It comes with lots of love especially to say I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!” Cut it out and paste it next to the turkey handprint. If your child is learning how to write or learning cursive, having them write the poem out themselves is a nice way to get them to practice their writing skills.

handprint turkey 06

Show off your kid’s handiwork! Frame it, give it as a gift, or just display it proudly on the refrigerator for everyone to admire on Thanksgiving. For older kids, this craft could be a fun thing to do with cousins or other family members at the kids table on the actual day of Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to keep the crew occupied while the parents enjoy their football games and turkey day snacks! For easy cleanup, cover the whole craft table with butcher paper and keep baby wipes on hand to get finger paint off of little hands without a lot of fuss.

Does your family have any favorite Thanksgiving crafts?

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