14 activities to keep kids busy this summer

As exciting as it is to have longer days and more family time, summer can be a bit of a challenge. School is out, the heat is on, and parents dread the inevitable complains of “I’m bored!” from restless kiddos. Here are some creative ways to keep them entertained all season long.

Most big cities have a museum specifically-geared towards little ones. Here, they can learn and discover new things with tons of hands-on activities.

Water play
Our family practically lives at the pool during the warmer months. If your neighborhood doesn’t have one nearby, you can still have fun with an inflatable splash area or a sprinkler.

Wheel around
Grab a bike, some roller blades or the good old pull wagon and have some fun!

Make a game of it
How about a scavenger hunt? Give each child a camera and make a list of items for them to take pictures of around the house. See if they can find something red, a bug that flies and an item brought home from a family trip.

Invite the neighbors or cousins over and see what your kids come up with on their own! Old toys often take on a new life when visitors join the party.

Create something
Whether you show kids how to press their backyard flowers or just hand them some sidewalk chalk, imaginative creation time can keep them entertained for hours on end.

Blow bubbles
All you need is some dish soap and water. Add a bubble wand and let the kids go to town.

Little ones can construct things out of play dough, while the older siblings can create oven-fired painted jars to give as gifts to grandma and grandpa.

Summer snacks
Kids can have fun packing up their own lunches with bento boxes or a make-your-own pizza station! Man the grill and set out various toppings to see what cool flavor combinations they come up with.

Wind down during the hottest afternoon hours with an indoor movie.

Play dress up
Unpack the Halloween costumes or just open up your own closet and see what funky outfits the kids come up with.

Create a joke book
Why did the chicken cross the road? Help your kids write down their favorite funnies to record their cute sense of humor for years to come.

Go to the library
When you’ve read your own books a thousand times, stock up on some new ones.

Backyard camping
Who can make the tastiest s’more over your homemade fire pit?

How are you keeping your kids busy this summer? Any fun ideas we didn’t list?

3 Responses to Keep Kids Busy this Summer

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Chelsea these are great. So simple yet so effective. Another thing that keeps my kids entertained for hours is when I get some old toys out. Anything you’ve ever put away in the garage or wherever. It’s like they struck gold all over again 🙂


  2. Katherine G says:

    These are great ideas

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