Being on my third child, you would think that I’m an expert at purchasing baby gear. Unfortunately I’m more of an impulse shopper, and that goes for big items such a strollers too. The last time I was in the market for a stroller, I didn’t do too much research, and just picked up the first two-seater I found on sale.

I had seen plenty of other moms using that type of stroller, and they were occasionally being resold on Craigslist for more than half of the value, so I just kind of assumed it was a smart buy. The first few uses were just fine, but as time went on I found more and more things I disliked about it and began using it much less.

By the time my third child actually arrived, I was no longer using the stroller I intended to use for him. I borrowed a stroller adapter from a friend to use with the baby’s car seat and left it at that. The biggest downside it that when one of the older kids needed a break, there was no where for them to stand or sit. And if I wanted to wear the baby instead of having him in the stroller there was a bulky, empty infant car seat there instead of just a stroller seat.

Joovy Caboose

I recently received the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller. I was a little skeptical at first because of the similarities to my previous stroller, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Joovy stroller’s features.
My previous stroller was also described as light. I’m not sure what they were comparing it to- an elephant maybe? Definitely lighter than an elephant. The Joovy Caboose is much lighter. I am able to lift it out of the car and unfold it with one hand while holding the baby in the other hand. And no, I don’t even lift weights. The instructions for assembly and use were very clear and I was able to put the stroller together myself – in under fifteen minutes. Even with my four year old jumping around me and “helping.”

It’s almost as if Joovy took all of the things I hated about all of my past strollers and fixed them just for me. The canopy is generous enough to cover both children, rather than leaving me to choose which one is most deserving of shade. The rear seat slides forward and backwards, so if you need to recline the front seat, you can adjust the rear accordingly- no more fighting over stroller space. The front seat has 3 positions, and reclines far enough for a child to comfortably sleep without slumping over. When you fold it flat to put it away, it’s actually flat- something I could never get my old stroller to do. It also includes an interchangeable snack tray and car seat adapter for the front seat, and an organizer for the handle bar.

I’m pretty sure the Joovy Caboose was made especially for me, but it might be made for you too.

What features do you look for in a stroller?

3 Responses to Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller Review

  1. This looks pretty great! I just bought my double as well and the adaptability from newborn up to possibly 3 children was my main concern.

  2. Catherine says:

    My biggest concern is handling. A stroller with amazing features that is difficult to push and steer is a waste of space for me. I’ve never tried this stroller though. I’m intrigued by the big kid seat on the back.

  3. carol says:

    I’m in the UK and have just bought a preloved Joovy Caboose Ultralight in readiness for baby 2 in May. I’ve started using it already with my toddler (27 months old) and it’s great. Admittedly he likes sitting in the front seat, but he enjoys exploring the back seat and step when the pushchair is stationary. I’m hoping that in a couple of months he’ll be old enough and confident enough to ride at the back. It’s great to steer, far better than I expected. The only thing I find tricky is going up a kerb, I’ve found that putting a foot on the step at the back gives enough leverage to pull the handle down and the front up. I highly recommend this pushchair for those with children of a suitable age gap, although I haven’t used it to it’s full ability yet.

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