It’s a BOY!

Congratulations to our mom blogger Kate Wilkinson, she welcomed a baby boy on February 12th.

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This is an excerpt from her post on Retro Modern Mom.

Unlike his big brother, Punkin’s delivery started naturally only a day after his due date, Little Man was a week overdue and we had to induce. Little Man’s labor was also over 24 hours, while once Punkin broke my water labor came on like a freight train and I barely made it to the hospital in time to get an epidural! How short was labor with Punkin you ask? Let’s just say we arrived at the hospital at 11:30pm and he was born at 2:15am. Praise the Lord I was able to get the epidural, even if it did come when I was at 9cm.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.43.43 AM
All in all a totally different, yet still wonderful, birth experience this time around. I could not feel more blessed to be a mom twice over. Most of all I could not have imagined falling so totally in love all over again with another son.

 Congratulations Kate!

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6 Responses to It’s another healthy baby boy for Kate!

  1. Catherine says:

    Congratulations, Kate!

  2. Congrats, Kate! You have some adorable little guys! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Both your boys are just precious.

  4. Kate says:


  5. Thanks everyone for the support!

  6. […] in case you missed the post It’s another healthy baby boy for Kate I had a baby three weeks ago. I am continually amazed at how fearfully and wonderfully made we are. […]

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