We did it. We visited the Easter Bunny. My toddler’s been before (when she was about 8-months old) and LOVED it, but this was the first time for my 1-year old. I had high hopes of getting a perfect little picture with both of my pint-sized girls on the lap of a big bunny.

No way was this going to be a Santa Claus situation. No way. (Afterall, I get why kids are scared of Santa: the beard, the old-man-thing, the stranger-factor. But the Easter Bunny? He’s soft, fluffy, has a permanent smile… he’s a huge stuffed animal. Not to mention, my toddler is more ‘mature’ now than she was Christmastime, so I was expecting this to be a hop, skip and a jump.)

Ha. Ha. Ha.

The 1-year old was perfectly fine. The toddler was the one who flipped out.

Wait: Is this bunny for real?

Wait: Is this bunny for real?

I went into the whole thing very proactively (again, to prevent our recent Santa-experience). We dressed the part and looked like spring flowers. We hyped up the big meeting all morning and didn’t stop talking about it in the car (“I’m so excited to meet the Easter Bunny!” squealed over and over by my toddler). We even took our own beloved Hop-Hop so that we could properly introduce him to his cousin Mr. Easter Bunny.

Wow. I must be a total idiot.

One quick look at the big white rabbit and my 2.5 year old big-talker (aka Miss-Assertive) turned into a little chicken. She started shaking her head and screaming “Nooooooo it’s scary!” over and over while gripping onto Hop-Hop and backing up to escape.

Fine. I wasn’t gonna push it. “Ok, you don’t have to… let’s watch sissy do it.” I plopped my 1-year old on Mr. Bunny’s lap just as my toddler actually started running away (yes, like, running far far away from me… just like the little bunny in our favorite book, ‘The Runaway Bunny’ – the irony kills me). So like a mad-mom I left my 1-year old to stare down Mr. Bunny on his lap, told his ‘helpers’ to take the picture and then bolted after my track-star toddler in my stupid platform shoes. I scooped her up (now kicking and screaming, mind you) and stomped back to the bungalow – while trying to calm her down – to retrieve my baby. “It’s ok, I’m not going to make you go by the bunny.” And yes, EVERYONE was watching me… all the moms, dads, kids, grandparents, bunny staff… you name it. I was THAT mom today.

I just love dramatic scenes.

So that was our bunny day: My baby got the Easter Bunny all to herself and my toddler ran around like a crazy lady in my most favorite flowered dress. It was the most beautiful day, the bunny-people were so nice and and I just laugh thinking about it. And I expect it to get even funnier over time… especially when I recount the story every year.

(A side note: Frankly, I think the only reason my 1-year old sat on Bunny’s lap was because she was delirious… she was sleeping in her stroller beforehand and I woke her up and ripped her out just to take the picture. She probably thought the whole thing was a bizarre dream.)

What bunny?

What bunny?


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