We are a house divided. One child a thumb sucker, the other a pacifier lover.

We never thought that our first-born would choose to suck her thumb. We stocked up on pacifiers for her and she used those little green pacifiers until she realized she had access to her thumb at all times. Who needs this pacifier when I my thumb is just as good and there all the time? I wasn’t so sure about her choice. Thumb sucking is so stigmatized.

is a pacifier or thumb sucking better

It didn’t take long before my husband and I realized our babies thumb sucking habit wasn’t all that bad. Actually it was quite nice. My firstborn was able to sooth herself when feeling fussy or sleepy. We didn’t have to worry about keeping track of the beloved pacifier or waking in the middle of the night to help her find the pacifier she had lost in her crib. It seemed so much easier than a pacifier and she loved it so much. It wasn’t difficult to stop her thumb sucking either. One day we had a talk about how she was a big girl now and needed to stop sucking her thumb. And so she stopped. Easy-peasy.

When my youngest was born my husband and I operated on the assumption that she would obviously grow to prefer her thumb also. We acted as cheerleaders every time it she seemed interested her thumb, openly cheering for the day we could say goodbye to pacifiers and move on to the easy life of thumb sucking. That day never came. She is now almost eight-months-old she is more in love with her pacifier today then ever. We’ve had our phases of waking up several times through the night to rescue her pacifier from the far corners of her crib and return it to her mouth. We’ve lost pacifiers, never to be seen again. We’ve had to invest in pacifier accessories to help keep tabs on the baby’s beloved pacifiers.

Which is better thumb sucking or pacifier

Oh, how I have hated those pacifiers. It’s hard not to hate them while digging around under a crib at 3:00 am trying to find the pacifier your baby is upset to have lost. Now that my sweet girl has reached the ripe old age of eight-months and can actively look for, find and put the pacifier in her mouth my feelings towards pacifiers have changed. They work for my girl, so I like them. It’s as simple as that.

So which is better, the thumb or the pacifier? Doctors, dentists, parenting experts and moms will all tell you different things. My answer? Each child is different and each child will have a preference all their own. Each options have pros and cons. Just remember to wean your baby from their thumb or pacifier by a reasonable age.

Is your baby a thumb of pacifier fan? Do you think thumb sucking or pacifiers are better?

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5 Responses to Is a pacifier or thumb sucking better?

  1. I was so lucky in this department. Both of our kids were never thumb suckers, not sure how that happened. They did use a pacifier for the first year though, and when we had them give that up it wasn’t that hard at all. I thought for sure they would put up more of a fight. I dont think either one is better or worse than the other.

  2. andrea says:

    When the time is right to wean from pacifiers or the thumb, check out Thumbuddy To Love for a fun way to help children break the habit!

  3. portland1913 says:

    I thought it wasn’t a big deal until my doctor told me it would alter my son’s chin development if he continues to thumb suck. He said to look around at adults that do not have a define chin line and ask them if they thumb suck when they were younger…I did…and they all thumb sucked!

    So I spent sometime and Google Searched a product called Glovey Huggey…great price for under $30; pair of gloves, free plush toy and free shipping! Here is the site in case anyone else is looking http://www.gloveyhuggey.com/

  4. […] openly admit I had hoped Delaney would be a thumb sucker over a pacifier lover. My oldest was a thumb sucker, and it was so simple. There was never anything to keep track of, no […]

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