I am a HUGE lover of Christmas. It’s one of my favorite holidays, probably because of all the fun traditions (and baked goods ;). If you know me at all you will know I am also HUGE on traditions. I once heard there are four things that give a child a sense of belonging and security growing up. One of those things is traditions. It’s something they can always count on, no matter what else is happening in their life. No wonder us mothers put so much work into making family memories with our traditions, right? We are instilling a sense of security in our children which ultimately gives them confidence to go out into the world knowing they belong somewhere.

Growing up I always had a fresh-cut tree and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without one. I know it’s more expensive, more work, and gets pretty messy as the needles start to get crunchy but I don’t care. The tradition of a fresh tree was something I could always count on no matter what was happening in my family. Through every trial our family faced there was still a fresh tree every year. And when my parents divorced it became a tradition I clung to when nothing else stayed the same.

Now I know there are a lot of fake tree believers out there, both my mom and dad now even own them! But I want to be faithful in this tradition with my children. So this year we decided Little Man was finally old enough to bring with us to pick out the family tree. I prepared him during the day explaining what we were going to do that night and he couldn’t have been more excited. He went to sleep talking about the tree and asking when we could decorate it and woke up racing into the living room to see “his big tree.” The sparkle in his eyes and exuberance in his voice made the entire effort worth it.

Setting up the tree with Dada

What traditions did you grow up with that you just can’t part with?

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  1. We love the fresh tree too! Although, SoCal tree lots are different from my memories of snow, cold and cut down your own trees, like back in Wisconsin. Thanks to our German heritage and Catholic faith, our family is big on celebrating the season of Advent. We light the candles on our wreath on Sunday during dinner and focus on prepping our hearts and minds for the coming of Christ. The girls are looking forward to the night of Dec 5, when St. Nick comes to visit and leaves treasure in their shoes to be found the next morning. The evening of Dec. 6 we have a feast and tell the story of St. Nicholas and what he did for the people around.

  2. What a beautiful tradition you are starting Karianna! I love Advent too but haven’t figured out the best way to make it work with my little one yet.

  3. Jennifer Nishizaki says:

    I do miss a nice fresh awesome smelling tree, but as they make Scott stop breathing, we fake tree it up. It’s a little sad, but even our cheapie one doesn’t look bad and saves us money each year. 🙂 Someday I want a huge fake one though! Gotta get a huge house first though…. I love advent calendars and getting special ornaments each year. 🙂

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