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The Idea is Born

About ten years ago Barry Cik found his calling, though he didn’t fully know it at the time. It started with a trip to the store, upon his wife’s request, to buy a crib mattress and some other baby items for their first grandchild. The options were astonishing. Every single mattress in the store was made from vinyl and polyurethane foam. As an environmental engineer, Barry knew of the dangers of off-gassing and the affects this could have on his grandchildren if inhaled on a continuous basis.

Barry didn’t stop at just one store. He continued his quest to find a safe alternative. When he found organic crib mattresses he had high hopes at first. Then Barry quickly discovered that none of the organic mattresses were waterproof!

Barry worried about the growth of mold and fungus, if liquids were to permeate the mattress, without an effective way to clean it. He also began to wonder how these were truly the best mattresses for babies. To him, they all appeared to be nothing more than a miniaturized version of adult mattresses.

The Solution


Barry set out to create his very own solution and enlisted his two sons to help him launch Naturepedic. The Cik family knew that if parents had the choice to purchase a nontoxic, well-built, best-for-baby crib mattress, they certainly would choose this option over any other. That is why every mattress made by Naturepedic includes a limited lifetime warranty and uses natural, organic and renewable materials whenever possible. Naturepedic does not use any vinyl/PVCs, phthalates, PFCs (some manufacturers use this for waterproofing), latex or pesticides. Plus, all designing, construction and testing of Naturepedic mattresses are conducted in the U.S.

With long-lasting, quality workmanship, Naturepedic not only makes safety a priority, they also make parents’ lives easier by doing the research for them. It’s no wonder why Naturepedic mattresses are some of the most popular with Right Start customers! They are loved by parents, doctors and industry evaluators and have won more awards than any other organic baby and children’s mattress company.

Naturepedic & Beyond

“We’re extremely proud to have our mattresses offered at Right Start so that we can provide a healthy sleep environment for babies,” says Barry. “Since Naturepedic and Right Start are both committed to safety, quality and innovation, it only makes sense that we’ve partnered with them to offer parents across the country a healthy alternative to crib mattresses made with harmful chemicals.”

For over a quarter of a century, Barry has been a Board Certified Environmental Engineer and he’s also certified by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice and is a certified Hazardous Materials Manager. Barry’s passion for environmental safety led him to write a textbook for Government Institutes, a publisher of reference materials and handbooks for environmental, health and safety professionals. Barry is also a Diplomatic Forensic Engineer who has testified in court as an expert witness. When he’s not busy advocating sleep safety, Barry enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Do you use Naturepedic mattresses? Tell us what you love best about them in the comments!


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