Mom IntuitionIntuition. The dictionary defines it as  “a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence”. I don’t know what or how exactly – maybe some God-given super power, maybe something that develops as that little being is developing inside of you – but moms have it! Mommy intuition, instinct, gut (no, not the same thing as the little mommy ponch) – whatever you call it, moms have it. You probably first noticed this during your own childhood…or certainly during your teenage years. You know, that question you’d ask your mom. “HOW did you know?” Like she had eyes in the back of her head and special spyware in your room. As a kid, you don’t understand it. No really, HOW did she know?!?!

And then you become a mom. And you just know. That instinct, that intuition. It’s there. You know things…and sometimes you’re not even sure how you do know them. But you do. Like that you know that the quiet hush is NOT something to relish, but instead means something potentially dangerous or mischievous at the very least is taking place. In fact, I just had an important mom intuition moment.

It happened with a dental issue with our just turned 4-year old. Lately, he’s had a sort of fear of anything unknown or out of the ordinary, including the dentist. We got through counting teeth, but he was hysterical and so the dentist said let’s just wait until the next checkup for anything else. And, that mom intuition kicked in. I wasn’t comfortable with that. I wanted him to have x-rays. Our oldest had one bad cavity spring up very quickly and I just really felt strongly that if nothing else, we should just do the pictures. So, I pushed them to do it. My little guy was shaking and crying. Not fun. Then, we waited. Five minutes later, the dentist stood there dumbfounded and said, “Good thing for that mom instinct!” Unfortunately, that’s because our little guy’s back molars were showing multiple cavities, some of which looked deep. He ended up having to have one of the teeth capped (I’m still working through horribly mommy guilt about that). And, we’re going back for some more fillings. UGH! Not fun, but it could have been SO much worse if I hadn’t listened to my gut and made the dentist do those x-rays! I can’t imagine things had we waited another 6 months to a year! Mom intuition was VERY important here for us.

And, I could share so many other similar stories. But, the moral is the same. Listen to that intuition, moms! If you have a gut feeling about something going on with one of the kids, do NOT blow it off. Listen to it. And, if it’s over a medical issue, then use it to advocate for your child. Keep pushing until you get an answer that feels right (both intellectually & in your “gut”). You are your child’s best advocate and that mommy intuition is there for a reason!

Do you have any “mom intuition” stories?

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