There’s something to say about peaking too early. I’m officially Halloween-ed out. Too bad the holiday hasn’t even happened yet. Oops.

I’m not big on writing complaint-blogs, so I’ll call this a ‘vent.’ Ya with me?

Halloween-ed Out: Demonstrated by my 7-month old.

I had a feeling burnout might happen when I saw all the Halloween decorations in the store about a week after Labor Day this year. ?!?!?!? (Can someone please explain to me what that’s about?) So, in an effort to curb the quite-possible (holiday burnout before Halloween), I implemented a rule: No Halloween decor until after October 1. As you can guess, my rule extends to Thanksgiving (November 1) and Christmas (December 1). NO EXCEPTIONS.

So, sometime during the first week of October, I bought the candy (and also ate the candy) and plopped a pair of pink pumpkins on my porch. Weeks later I mailed the adorable little set of cat-and-witch “First Halloween” baby books to my niece and decked out my own two little goblins in costumes (and even wore a pair of Minnie Mouse ears myself) for a friend’s party. It was all so fabulous and Mom-of-the-Year… until it wasn’t anymore.

Thanks to my own shenanigans I’m sick of Halloween and it hasn’t even happened yet. This is not good. NOT GOOD AT ALL. How’d I become such a buzzkill? (Good job, Jill.) Maybe it’s because I’ve been fighting the flu on-and-off for literally 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS. Welcome to fall and winter… the joys of the upcoming holiday season, no? I was sick, then I wasn’t. Then I was sick again, then I wasn’t. This past weekend I was again… but now I’m not sure. I’m somewhere between the getting-over-it and getting-ready-for-trick-or-treating stages. Judging by what I literally just wrote, I’m also delirious and confused… and a little high on Thera-flu. I’m mostly perplexed by the fact that I did manage to get the candy, pumpkins and costumes between all of my bouts with coughing, sneezing and feeling like general junk. I just want to sleep already… and the holidays haven’t even officially started yet.

But I suppose that’s the point of the holidays (beginning with Halloween): To be deliciously consumed and confused and eventually exhausted with all that you’re supposed to want to do as a mom, and then somehow look back on it and realize how much “fun” it was?

Here’s hoping that November 1 has me glowing with memories of the light in my babies’ faces from their activities from night before. Oh wait… now I’m getting excited again. FINALLY.


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