My days fly by in a blur of diapers; planning, making, and cleaning up meals; running errands; and laundry. Before I know it each night I fall into bed exhausted wishing there was more time in the day. This wish for more time isn’t a unique wish. Most likely you’ve wished the same thing from time to time as well.

I’ve just ran my second half marathon of the year which means I’ve also finished up training for a half marathon too. Now that I won’t have long training runs to complete for a while it would seem that I do have more time in the day, but really I don’t as school’s back in session and I’m back to packing fun school lunches, volunteering in the classroom, and running to and from school, ballet class, and piano lessons. Two more hours in my day would be, amazing. Amazing, I tell you. So what would I do with those two amazing hours if I had them? Well, I’ll tell you now.

What I would do with 2 extra hours a day

1. Nap. That’s right. The kids get one and I want one too.

2. Read more than snippets of news, and magazine articles in passing. Maybe then I would know more of what is going on in the world beyond what the headlines say.

3. Learn to knit, or sew, or preserve and can food. As it is there just aren’t enough hours in the day to learn any of these things.

4. Run. Zumba. Pump iron. It’s tough to fit in a handful of workouts a week but 2 extra hours would give me the time to fit in a few more stress busting workouts a week.

5. Time with friends. A coffee or wine date a week to chat with a friend or meet up with a group of ladies would be just what the doctor ordered and just what I need.

What would you do with two extra hours a day?

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  1. I like the coffee or wine date idea!

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