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Happy Halloween, all! Whether they carry special bags or buckets or the old standby pillow case, all the little trick ‘or treaters will have one major thing in common — lots of candy! Even on years where we haven’t even gone out that long, we end up with more candy than we could even eat in any reasonable amount of time. The question often becomes, “What should we do with all that leftover Halloween candy?!” So, here are five ideas:

1. Candy fairy/exchange. Create a fun “candy fairy” or “candy witch” story in which the kids leave out their candy and the fairy leaves a special present as a thank you. You could even have the tooth fairy show up to take it in an effort to protect their teeth from cavities. Some parents just do an exchange with their kids, letting them trade in their candy for some special little toys.

2. Dentist’s office Halloween candy buy back/ give back. Did you know that some dentist’s offices will actually buy back your Halloween candy? And, even cooler, they then send it to troops overseas! Visit Halloween Candy BuyBack to learn more about the program & see what dentist’s in your area are participating!

3. Use it as a learning tool. Candy makes a great math manipulative. Count the pieces. Sort by types of candy. Graph the data. There are lots of possibilities and can be adapted to just about any age of kids.

4. Candy crafts. Make Christmas ornaments (did you know that hard candies will even sort of meld together in the oven?). Make a candy wreath to put out next Halloween. Make a candy cake to put out for Halloween or birthday parties. Save some for decorating a gingerbread house. You can even save the wrappers for fun projects!

5. Freeze extra candy & use it in your holiday baking. Just about any of your favorite chocolate candies could be used in a variety of sweet treat recipes over the holiday season. Why go buy m&ms, kisses, or chocolate bars for cookies in December when you get a whole bucket load on October 31st?! 😉

What do YOU do with all the Halloween candy?

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  1. What great ideas! This was our first Halloween with candy and I am trying to figure out what to do with it! Thanfully Little Man only could handle 2 blocks of homes so there isn’t a ton.

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