Early on in pregnancy I was eager to embrace all things pregnancy. I couldn’t wait to trade in my pre-pregnancy jeans for the comfortable stretchyness of maternity pants. I realize this might put me firmly in the minority of pregnant women. I couldn’t help it, as I made my way through my first trimester I starting shopping for pants with large stretch panels to pull up over my expanding belly. Boot cut, skinny, even yoga pants. Some would say I made the switch way too soon. I didn’t even bother with the hair-tie through the button loop trick or those tummy sleeves  for too long. I was happy to be pregnant and in comfortable pants. I wore those maternity jeans with pride. I was pregnant. I deserved some comfort after-all.

Fast forward to nearly 3 months postpartum and all I can think about is jeans without panels. I want to experience the pleasure of buttoning my pants. I want to hear the sweet sound of a zipper as it slides up. I just want to get back to normal clothes. I’m not even concerned with being at my prepregnancy size. The number on the tag  or scale has nothing to do with it. I just want to get away from wide elastic front panels and slide into something more structured.

Maternity pants have lost their luster. They are no longer comfortable and easy. They are annoying, too stretchy and missing all the fun of buttons, snaps and zippers. Who wants a big old panel covering their no-longer-pregnant belly? Not me. I wish I had savored my normal jeans a bit longer before making the change to their maternity counterparts. And now I find myself contemplating pulling out that old hair-tie through the button hole trick just slip on a pair of non-maternity pants.

How long after baby did you wear your maternity jeans?

Did you jump on the maternity clothes band wagon early or did you hold out and stick with your normal jeans for as long as possible?

2 Responses to I want out of my maternity jeans!

  1. This is too funny, I know plenty of women that wore their maternity jeans as long as they could, because they got so used to the forgiving, stretchy fabric. I think I went from maternity jeans right into yoga pants 😉

  2. Krishann says:

    This made me smile. I just recently gave birth and have yet to put on anything that isn’t stretchy! During pregnancy I wore my regular jeans for as long as possible. Eventually I chose comfort and gave in to my paneled pants.

    Hoping a date with my old jeans isn’t too far off 🙂

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