Last week I shared The fears of handling two kids. Well this was my first full week without help. My husband had returned to work the previous week and all the family help I had was back to their own lives. I made sure to plan my week so my very active toddler boy would get his energy out in the morning thus hoping he would nap in the afternoon. Obviously it’s hard to plan out a newborn’s schedule but I did have to pay attention to where I would be able to nurse him.

Both Monday and Tuesday were spent walking to our nearby park. Wednesday I had my local MOPS meeting with other moms and was able to introduce Punkin to the group. Little Man also got to play with a whole group of his friends which made him happy. I think he has missed interacting with his playmates as evidenced when he said in the car on the way home, “That was fun seeing all my friends!” Thursday I had scheduled another playdate at a girlfriend’s house which was nice and relaxing for me, especially since she fed us all lunch! But then Friday arrived.

It was raining and I hadn’t planned anything. I still didn’t feel comfortable taking the newborn to an indoor playground with the flu still going around and it was too late to try to get a playdate for Little Man. Since my week had gone pretty well I thought it would be a good idea to get that oil change I have been needing. And while I am at it let’s drive 20 minutes to Costco and get a few things. Yep, I am a bit crazy and bite off more than I can chew sometimes. Needless to say this was NOT the best thing to attempt the first week solo. The oil change went well enough, although I had forgotten Little Mans toy’s and trying to keep him from wrecking the lobby with no form of entertainment was a bit draining. As I strolled into Costco I quickly realized that the three large items I needed could in no way fit into my double stroller. Thankfully they provided a person to grab those items and help me get them to my car. I thought I was home free, but then Punkin woke up needing to be fed and Little Man was bouncing off the car walls, literally. As I began feeding Punkin while Little Man climbed all over the car the security man drove up and parked in clear view of me nursing and proceeded to park there for the duration of my feeding! Umm HELLO I am not loitering I’m feeding my kid, a little privacy please! By the way did I mention this was all in the pouring rain!?

I have learned my lesson and will scale it down next week, I promise. Trying to figure out a routine and how to juggle two kids is a process I know, but every time I forget something or end up in a situation due to poor planning I try to remember it’s not a Mom FAIL it’s a learning opportunity. Right? Right?

What major “learning opportunities” did you have to live through as a mom?

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