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When I was a kid, Daylight Savings Time was kind of amusing to me. I always got a kick out of gaining an extra hour in the day or losing one in the spring. As a mom, I am not amused. Helping kids adjust to Daylight Savings Time can be a huge challenge, especially if you have kids of all ages. It used to be a real struggle for us before we discovered this one simple trick to help everyone have an easier time making the transition.

Once we discovered this parenting trick, Daylight Savings Time became much easier for all of us. We didn’t have to deal with cranky kids who were staying up way past their bedtime or kids waking up way before we were ready to be alive in the morning.

Our secret? We started transitioning several weeks before Daylight Savings Time. By the time we were ready to switch our clocks over, our kids are already on the new schedule.

Here’s how we do it:

Two weeks before Daylight Savings Time – Move bedtime back by fifteen minutes. If bedtime is usually 8:00, put your kids to bed at 7:40. It’s a small enough change that no one complains or has trouble falling asleep.

One week before Daylight Savings Time – Move bedtime back by another fifteen minutes so kids are now going to bed 30 minutes before their usual bedtime. Since they’ve already been going to bed a bit earlier you shouldn’t have too much of an adjustment period for this change either.

The week of Daylight Savings Time – Move bedtime back by another fifteen minutes. This will technically be fifteen minutes after their usual bedtime with the time change. If they usually go to bed at 8:00 you will put them to bed at 8:15 but it will feel like 7:15 to them.

The week after Daylight Savings Time – Move bedtime back by another fifteen minutes so your kids are now going to bed at their normal 8:00 bedtime (or whatever bedtime is at your house).

You will barely notice each change in bedtime and everyone in your house will sleep much easier. I have my older kids transition their bedtime right along with my younger kids but they can do it in a much shorter period of time so you may only need a week to get older kids switched over. My babies and toddlers take longer but life is so much easier when we let their bodies adapt slowly.

Do you have any tricks for surviving Daylight Savings Time?

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