Do you have a little monkey who is just crazy about their daddy? I have a couple of monkeys who have always been major fans of their daddy in my house and this monkey Father’s Day card is the perfect keepsake, card, and easy craft project all rolled into one. This little card is perfect to make with a baby, but even older children will have fun making a monkey card for daddy. As kids get older they will be able to do more of the card making on their own so use your judgement and help as much as your child needs.How to Make an Adorable Father's Day Handprint Monkey Card //

This card calls for a visit to the zoo for Father’s Day so your little monkey can see the monkeys with their favorite guy!

Father's Day Monkey Handprint Card

Supplies Needed to Make an Adorable Father’s Day Monkey Card:

White card stock

Brown paint

White paint

Paint brush

Small googly eyes (optional)

Markers or crayons

How to Make a Sweet Monkey Father’s Day Card:

  1. Fold the card stock in half to make the cardhandprint monkey
  2. Paint brown paint on your child’s hand and carefully place it on the card to make a handprint with the fingers pointing up towards the fold of the card. Once you add in some details it will look like a monkey is hanging from a tree or some vines.handprint monkey father's day card
  3. Using the paint brush paint large circle for a monkey head on the thumb. Add a couple of small circles to the large circle for ears. Then paint a curled monkey tail off the base of the hand on the pinkie side. Mix a small dot of brown paint into some white paint to make a light brown or tan to paint some paint an oval in the bottom third of the face and inner parts of the ears.  Glue the googly eyes onto the face or use a bit of white paint to paint white circles for the whites of the eyes. Let the paint dry.monkey handprint cardmonkey father's day card
  4. While the paint dries you can draw some tree branches or vines across the top of the card near the fold, to give your monkey something to hang from with your crayons or markers.
  5. With a black marker or sharpie add on smile and two nostrils on the ova l on the monkey’s face. You can also add some eyelashes onto your monkey if you’d like.Happy Father's Day Monkey Card
  6. After the front of the card is completely dry write “Happy Father’s Day! I’m bananas about you, Daddy! Love, You’re Little Monkey” on the inside of the card.

father's day handprint card

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