With all of my kids out of school that means there’s a bit of traveling in our future. Sometimes we stay with friends or family, and of course other times we’ll stay in a hotel or two. Hotels are exciting and fun, but it can be a little stressful to make sure the baby is 100% safe due to the lack of baby proofing. Here are a few tips to help keep baby safe when you’re staying in a hotel.

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Never put them on the bed. Hotel beds are notoriously high and even if you’re within arm’s reach your baby could roll off in a split second. I was once staying in a hotel and I was down in the lobby when a parent ran downstairs with an unconscious baby who had fallen off the bed. It was incredibly scary, and I always think of that when I see those hotel beds that you practically need a step stool to climb into. Instead, ask the hotel for a crib. It’s best to call before you book you room to check out your options. Some have rooms that are already ready to go with a crib and baby stuff, others may have portable cribs for guests to use.

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Get rid of the minibar. While not entirely dangerous for babies, it can definitely be an attraction for them with all of the different drinks and snacks and cause some problems for you at check out time if they continuously are getting into it. If you check in to a room that has a minibar you can have a staff member come up and empty it for you, or ask to be switched to a room that doesn’t even have one.

Keep the bathroom door closed at all times. One of my favorite parts about staying in a hotel is the bathroom. Big roomy spa tub, immaculate shower with glass doors, never running out of clean towels, no loads of laundry before you can bathe: this is my idea of heaven. But for a baby it’s not so safe, especially if left unsupervised. The best solution I’ve found is to keep the bathroom door closed at all times and to remind the rest of the family to do so as well.

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Ask the hotel to baby proof for you. Before you even book your room you can call the hotel and see if they can offer you some baby-proofing such as outlet covers so that you don’t have to bring your own. When you’re ready to check in, request that your room is vacuumed well (so there’s no chokable items on the floor) and ask if a supervisor can doublecheck it for you. You may feel like you’re being a pain, but it’s much easier for them to do this before you, your family and all of your belongings are in the room.

Get down to their level. Once you’ve checked in, get down on your hands and knees and look for anything that your baby might find. Are there any low-hanging cords from electronics or the curtains? Are all of the outlets covered? Is there anything under the bed they might try to eat? Is the dresser or night stand secured for a climber? If you’re worried about your baby being able to pull a lamp down, pull a drawer out, or use that fancy chair for climbing, you can ask for those items to be removed from your room. Taking furniture out gives you more room for the crib as well.

Make sure the window or sliding glass door is locked and secured. Most hotels I’ve been in have windows that only open a few inches to avoid any accidents, but occasionally you might find some that open all of the way. Once in a while there’s a great room with a balcony and a gorgeous view. Make sure that glass sliding door has a safety latch – it’s usually at the top – and check that the windows are closed and locked.

It may sound a little crazy, but you can never be too careful. Especially when it involves your children’s safety. A hotel that doesn’t want to accomodate these kinds of requests is a hotel that you don’t want to stay at. A simple Google search for “family friendly hotels” will help you out a lot, and you might even find the hotel jackpot that has everything you need for a fun and safe family vacation.

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How do you keep your kids safe in hotels?

Photos courtesy of http://makingtime4you.com/ and http://www.mommytesters.com/

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