Baby showers are a lot of fun to host. What’s more worthy of celebration than a baby? However, hosting a shower can be a little pricey. Especially if you let yourself get caught up in over the top food, decor and gifts. Hosting a baby shower doesn’t have to be pricey or stressful, though. I promise. Hosting an affordable and very chic baby shower is within your grasp; all you need is a good plan and a little know-how.

Step 1: Pick a theme. Have the mother-to-be in mind when you pick a theme for the shower and keep your theme simple. A simple theme will give you room to bring everything together all while not breaking the bank. A few examples of a simple theme: Chevron and polka-dots, spring, or even a combination of colors such as gray and pink or Emerald green and blue.

Plan a chic baby shower on a budget with this step-by-step guide.

Step 3: Send invitations. Use an online service such as Evite or Punchbowl to send invitations to the guests. Electronic invitations come in a variety of fun styles, are easy to use and, most importantly, they’re free.

Step 4: Plan a Menu. Pick a few easily assembled foods to serve. Preparing the food costs less than store-bought. Simple fresh fruit skewers with yogurt dip and a cheese plate with cheeses such as brie, aged cheddar, gorgonzola and goat cheese served with a few types of crackers will give your guests plenty to nibble on. Ice water with lemon, iced tea or lemonade are always refreshing and cost just pennies to serve to a crowd.

Step 5: Plates and cutlery. Skip the plastic and paper and use your dishes. Salad plates make perfect party plates. If you don’t have enough borrow some from a friend. It doesn’t matter if they match or not, it will look simple and chic and save you a bundle.

Step 6: Decorate. Instead of buying a bunch of cheesy store-bought decorations make your decor. Simple things like lengths of plain or patterned fabrics, rolls of colored tulle and sheets of colored tissue paper can all come together to make lovely table coverings, bunting and pom-poms. Also, fresh flowers are always stylish and beautiful. Buy bunches of flowers or potted seasonal plants on sale and spread the pots or vases around the party space.

Step 7: Play it simple. Plan games that don’t require a lot of props and instead of buying prizes give game winners one of the potted plants or flower arrangements. I like to call this “two birds one stone.”

Step 8: Enjoy the party. The whole point of a baby shower is to shower the guest of honor with love and support. Matching specialty water bottle labels and cupcake toppers are cute but they’re not the point. Keep it simple and chic, save your money, and spread some love instead.

What is your go-to way to stay in budget when planning a baby shower or party?

2 Responses to How to host a baby shower on a budget

  1. Amanda says:

    these are all great ideas. thank you so much!

  2. Dominique says:

    I love all your ideas. I just was unable to see step 2.

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