Let’s face it… the ideal way to grocery shop with a baby and a toddler is to leave them at home with a babysitter. But, as we all know, that type of luxury isn’t always accessible. Yeah. Bummer. But after several months and a few intense trips to the market over the holidays (with recipe lists galore) I’m here to tell you: Don’t let your adorable rugrats stop you from shopping for food! (Seriously, how many times have you forfeited a trip to the grocery store on account of not wanting to ‘deal’… guilty here.)

Here are a few wacky tips I’ve discovered that don’t require you to take your whole playroom to the store… and have also made my grocery shopping experiences a little less crazy and a lot more fun. Here’s to a new year of (fairly) stress-free shopping:

1) Feed everyone RIGHT BEFORE you go. That means bottle for the baby, meal or snacks for the toddler. Fill those little bellies all the way up and turn your chances for cranky behavior in the cereal aisle way down. (They say adults shouldn’t shop hungry… neither should kids!)

2) Start your journey with both tots on wheels. Put them BOTH in the cart. Start piling your food in the toddler-part cart (if your kid’s like mine, they’ll get a huge kick out of it and think it’s soooo funny to sit with all the fruits and veggies). Don’t take that toddler out of the cart to walk until there’s no possible way to fit more food in their without burying your kid.


3) Don’t forget to occupy your baby in the front seat from the very beginning. Mine likes to rustle the plastic banana bags (with the bananas in the bag).

4) Make sure you put a hooded shirt/jacket on your toddler so when you do take them out of the cart to walk beside you, you have something to easily grab and gently yank on to get them to stay beside you.


5) DON’T. STOP. TALKING (to your toddler, anyways). Some of my most-used favorites: “What are we looking for now?” “What color are those apples?” “Isn’t this fun?” “What should we buy for Papa?” “Stay by Mommy. Stay right by Mommy or else they’re going to kick us out.” And on… and on… and on… and on. I actually feel sorry for the other shoppers in the store with us.

But what can I say… this silly stuff works for me.




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