What baby hates spoons? Mine. Let me be even more specific: She likes to EAT, but she HATES spoons. HATES them. Applesauce? You’d better scoop it with your finger. Don’t even try mixing her babyfood meat & veggies in a bowl. She’ll look you square in the eye and scream at you like a pterodactyl once she sees it. As much as I love her, I’m getting sick of it. Mealtime is now officially a contact sport… and my toddler is in the bleachers laughing at me on top of it.

For someone that only has two bottom teeth, my 10-month old is adamant about being done with all things mushy. Here are a few sneaky ways I’ve been getting her to eat her pureed meats, fruits & veggies. Hope my wacky ways help you too:

1) Use those Cheerios, crackers and/or puffed snacks: She LOVES picking things up and putting them in her mouth herself, so I give her something to hold or pickup (a cracker or  Cheerios on her tray), stand at attention with the spoon of whatever nutritious puree is on tap and jab the spoon into her mouth when she opens it for the cracker/Cheerio. It’s tricky, but practice makes perfect. Sneaky? Misleading? Mothers have been accused of worse things. She needs her vitamins and I need to get on with mealtime.

2) Give her another spoon to hold: This is purely for distraction. My little one likes to hold a baby spoon in her hand, turn it over and over and then stick it in her mouth. BAM! The second she opens her mouth (for the empty spoon she’s holding), MY spoon of nutritious babyfood flies in. (Again, practice makes perfect.)

3) Make baby appetizers: Since she’s now able to mush little pieces of soft bread in her mouth, I’m using it to the best of my creative ability. I sometimes dip morsels of bread or crackers in the pureed veggies, meats or fruits and then place on her tray for her to pick up and eat by herself. (Believe it or not, an applesauce/bread combo kinda tastes like apple pie.) Dip as often as possible and before you know it you’re halfway through one of those baby containers.

Or, you can also watch how I make baby sandwiches…

Only problem with all these shenanigans is that my toddler wants to do them now too. Sheesh.



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