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1.  Style:  The high chair is typically not the best looking thing in your home, but depending on the color palette of your existing decor you can choose a high chair that will either blend in or add a splash of color to the room. Some high chairs are so stylish now that they’ve become a unique design element all on their own.

2.  Size:  Check the dimensions and know exactly how much space the high chair will take up. This is very important if you live in a smaller home or in an apartment. There are a few new high chairs on the market that have been designed for smaller scale living or for those living in urban areas.

3.  Safety:  Check the weight capacity; typically most high chairs are made for children up to 3 years old or 50 pounds in weight. All high chairs have restraint straps to secure your child and, yes, you always need to strap them in. If the high chair has wheels or any other adjustable features such as the seat or tray, be sure they can lock into place.

4.  Storage:  Are you able to easily fold up the high chair in case you want it out of the way? Again, if you live in a smaller space or if you like to entertain a lot, storing the high chair in a hidden place may be something you want to consider. You’ll need to look for a high chair that folds up and can easily be stored.

5.  Adjustable:  Is the high chair height adjustable, allowing it to sit at your dining table, island or counter? Some high chairs even have seats that recline and/or an adjustable foot rest for your child. Now that’s maximum feeding comfort.

6.  Clean: If you choose a high chair with a tray, check to see if the high chair tray is dishwasher-safe. If it has a seat cushion you’ll want to make sure it’s removable and machine washable. Crumbs can easily get wedged in the seat and food gets stuck everywhere, so be sure you can either wipe and sanitize the cushion or throw it in the wash.

7.  Budget:  High chairs can range from $59–$450. Depending on your budget and how long you’ll need the high chair (are you planning on having more kids?) consider the quality and check for a manufacturer’s warranty. Also, you may want to be careful when buying a trendy color, if this is going to be in your home for 6 years you may not love lime green by the time your third child comes around. The same is true when buying a pink- or blue-themed seat cushion; you don’t want to buy a new high chair for each child.

*These tips were first shared by me over on the BabyCenter Blog. Minor changes have been made for editorial purposes.


High Chairs

1.  Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair $249.99

2.  Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair $229.99

3.  Graco Duodiner Highchair $129.99 (sale $119.99)

4.  Chicco Polly Highchair $149.99

5.  OXO Tot Sprout Highchair $249.99

6.  Nuna ZAAZ $249.95





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  1. Thank you for breaking this down and making it so easy to read and follow. Super helpful – great post!

  2. Picking out a high chair is hard. I wish you could take the high chairs your debating between and set them up in your kitchen before actually committing and buying one. It would make the process less intimidating.

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