Swaddling your newborn is an excellent way to keep her warm, calm and secure. By swaddling your baby you can help her from being bothered by her startle reflex, as well as sooth her by creating a warm and snug feeling to mimic how she felt in the womb.

Five years,  four months ago – while in the hospital just after giving birth to my oldest daughter – a helpful nurse showed my husband and I how to swaddle our six pound baby girl. The nurse expertly folded and wrapped a pink- and blue-stripped hospital receiving blanket around Madeline. She wasn’t upset at the time though she instantly seemed to slip even deeper into her calm state. We were amazed. We quickly took to swaddling Madeline in the flannel green and yellow receiving blankets given to us as baby shower gifts.

swaddling baby

Pretty quickly we figured out that Madeline loved to suck on her fingers and swaddling her with her arms inside the swaddle started to frustrate her more than calm her. So we switched to swaddling her with her arms outside the swaddle, allowing her to get her tiny fingers and thumbs into her mouth. Madeline even earned her nickname, Monkey, while swaddled and sitting in her bouncy seat. Even though swaddling was just our go-to way to get our sweet newborn bundled up for bed, she eventually grew out of swaddling and moved on to a Sleepsack for bed.

After my youngest was born six months ago – the seasoned parents that we were – we started swaddling our new baby right away. The difference this time? We registered for a couple Summer Infant SwaddleMe swaddlers in different prints. I wish we’d stumbled across swaddlers when my oldest was a baby. Don’t get me wrong, swaddling with a good old receiving blanket is quiet easy and worked just fine for Delaney. A  fold, a wrap, a tuck and a wrap and you have a little baby burrito. But a swaddler, with its Velcro tabs and pocket for baby’s lower body, make swaddling so simple you could swaddle a baby with your eyes closed.

using a swaddleme

Eventually Delaney preferred having her hands swaddled near her face just like her big sister, Madeline. And just like her big sister, Delaney eventually moved on from her days of swaddling to cozy Sleepsacks instead. My girls may not look much alike, and they may not always act alike but they both loved being swaddled. Happy babies make for happy parents so of course my husband and I are fans of swaddling.

So how do you swaddle a baby with your eyes closed? Skip the receiving blankets that never seem to be the right size and use a swaddler such as the SwaddleMe.

Have you swaddled a baby? Have you ever used a swaddler?

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