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She has no idea what's coming....

She has no idea what’s coming….

Congratulations! You’re expecting… again! Due in about 8 weeks with my second, pregnancy this time around has definitely been an entirely different journey. Here are some reasons why:

* You (and Everyone Else) Forgets – With a toddler to chase after, a full-time job to attend to, and a million other commitments, unfortunately Baby #2 often becomes forgotten (until the millionth time I need to pee, of course!) Even my mom is always apologizing to baby in-utero for not paying as much attention to her as she does her older sister. And gone are the days of everyone gushing over you and waiting on you hand and foot. You’ve done it once sista, you’re on your own!

* Low Rider – With #2, I started feeling everything I felt with #1 towards the end of my pregnancy, right from the start. Back pains, having to pee every 5 seconds, trouble sleeping, you name it, I felt it ASAP. According to my OB, subsequent pregnancies tend to start lower in the uterus since you’re already, ya know, all stretched out inside from the last one, so you’ll experience these awesome symptoms so much earlier. Oh joy. And remember how you didn’t show for a while with the first one? This time around, I swear I had a four-month belly at Week 8!

* You Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – With the first pregnancy, you can’t help but be hyperaware and uber-paranoid about every little symptom or non-symptom you feel. Dr. Google becomes your best friend and worst enemy. I remember Googling “can I eat [insert food here]” before taking a bite of anything suspicious. But, now, as a been-there-done-that mom, I’m way more relaxed. (And I know not everyone is like this, it’s just my personal experience) Sushi? Why not! A latte here and there? How else could I stay awake? What’s a birth class? Who has time to meticulously plan another nursery anymore? It’s called going with the flow, and I’m loving it.

You’re More Tired – This one is a given. You’re older, have an active first child to tend to, and probably more commitments and responsibilities than ever before. Naps are a distant memory, and for me, so is going to bed at a decent hour. That, combined with the natural toll that pregnancy takes on your body, makes for one exhausted mama-to-be. I really should’ve cherished those days of the first pregnancy when I could just nap when I wanted without a care in the world. Hindsight.

* You’re Even More Scared for the First 6 Weeks – Before getting pregnant with #2, I assumed I’d be less anxious about those previously mysterious first few weeks than before since I now knew what to expect. Wrong. I’m even MORE scared knowing EXACTLY what to expect. The sleepless nights, the endless breastfeeding (the thing I dread the most), the crying – doing all that was life-alteringly difficult the first time around, but to do it all again while still trying to pay attention to and tend to your first child? And everyone keeps telling me that going from 1 to 2 is 100 times harder than going from 0 to 1. I get chills just imagining it.

Despite All This, You’re Still Excited to Do it All Over Again – Even knowing I’m in for a world of chaos and even less sleep, there’s a huge part of me that’s excited to see my little family of three turn into a family of four and to watch my sweet little girl become a big sister. And who doesn’t miss those sweet little newborn coos and cuddles? I can’t wait to see what new adventures await!

What else was different about your second (or third, or fourth!) pregnancy?

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  1. With the second baby I popped out the minute I conceived practically. I just looked ridiculously bloated and fat for months until I started getting that round preggo looking belly.

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