Mothers know that their needs generally take a backseat to the needs of their children. It’s a fact.  An annoying fact, but a fact nonetheless. The other day as I walked past my nearly full cup of cold coffee for what seemed like the 34th time that day I was struck with a realization.   A realization that I shared on Facebook only to have several other mothers commiserate with me. Suddenly the reality of my life had become clear. As the mother of a four-month-old baby, I am destined to drink cold or reheated coffee until the year 2017, the year she starts Kindergarten and I start to have a large portion of my day to myself again. I also assume this will be when I can finish a meal without having to get up six times or without inhaling my food so fast I don’t taste it.

Mothers know that days are basically made up of stopping and starting, starting and stopping whatever they are doing to take care of someone else’s needs, and this is never truer than when they are trying to eat or use the restroom. Little disturbances sprinkle themselves throughout our day like speed-bumps.

Until the year I go back to drinking my coffee while it is hot I will not spend the next five years wishing them away. 2017 seems far away but really it is not. I know the years will fly by because they already do – I still cannot quite believe my oldest is already in Kindergarten and my youngest is already over four-months-old. So in the meantime I’ll enjoy my cold coffee and be thankful. Because I’ll know it is time with my babies that keep me moving and forgetting to drink it while it’s still hot. And I’ll know that all those half-eaten-lukewarm meals really are speed-bumps. Speed-bump reminders to slow down and take the days as they are given because when they have passed they don’t come back.

What day-to-day speed-bumps remind you to live in the now and be thankful even though they might drive you a bit crazy from time to time?

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