My second baby turned 1 last week. Already. Wow that went by FAST (to sound like a total cliche… but it DID.) We had a “Lucky Duck Luau” lunch. We also had some rubber duckies that went above and beyond their duty to cheer me up later that week. Will that be the last First Birthday Bash I’ll ever throw?

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday Baby!

And now that my second is past her first year, I seem to have a sign on me that reads “Ask me when I’m having another baby.” Because, yes, people seem to be asking me when I’m having a third baby. ?!?!!?  So, I’ve been thinking… will I?

I know so many people with three kids. Having three kids almost seems to the be norm these days. A few people I know say that their families didn’t feel “complete” until the third precious little one came along.

So, how do you know if you’re done having babies?

Here’s how I know (at least for now, in this moment):

I’m just not interested in going through the process again. The morning-sickness part (and I was lucky to have 2 great pregnancies). The getting bigger part. The waiting part. The putting career-goals on hold for nine months (again) part. The bony newborn bottoms that look like chicken butts part. The getting up in the middle of the night part. The never-ending first year doctor appointments and vaccines part. All that baby gear around the house part. Coordinating where we’d actually put everybody (and everything) in our current house part. Thinking about how the heck we’d finance three kids over the course of 18(+?) years part.

And, honestly, a decent portion of my decision does have to do with my age. I’m now at the age where it’s ‘medically suggested’ that I have an amniocentesis should I grow another bun in my oven. I’m healthy, but I’m just not interested in a potentially high-risk situation. It just scares me (yes, I’m a scaredy cat).

Not to mention, I grew up with one sister (2 kids in the family) and feel like two kids is ‘complete’ enough for my comfort zone (luckily, Hubby agrees… despite that he grew up in a 3-kids house).

But most importantly: It just feels COMPLETE at my house.

A small part of my soul gets weepy thinking how all of my ‘1st birthdays,’ Christenings, swaddling-days and first-steps are all over and done with… but I just don’t see myself doing it all again. Especially not now (after having two babies in two years)… I get exhausted just thinking about it. And by the time a few years pass and I catch my breath, well, there’s that age-thing again…

So there you have it. I’m done. WE’RE done. We feel blessed, lucky and genuinely happy with what we’ve been given. So unless God has other plans – despite all of our efforts to actively prevent any future baby-making – no more baby bumps for me. But should it happen (against all odds), I guess we’ll just go with it and THEN be done.



3 Responses to How do you know when you’re done having babies?

  1. I have the opposite problem. Now that my 5th baby (4th living) is nearing her first birthday everyone is asking me “so, you’re done right?”

    I think no matter the stage in life, those kinds of questions are personal and rarely welcome.

    • Seriously. It especially bothers me when strangers ask these types of questions. It makes me want to snap back “Lady, finish cutting my kids hair/ringing up my groceries/watching your kid in dance class and stop asking me personal questions!”

  2. jillsimonian says:

    I know… right Rachel??? It’s almost like “when are you having another baby” right after you have one… let’s enjoy what we’re living RIGHT NOW, right? 🙂

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